054: We're So Quacked!

At 3:30 AM the day before Thanksgiving, Ben received an emergency page about a failing API end-point. Rushing to his desk, groggy-eyed and in various states of undress, he jumped into the #incident channel on Slack to see what was happening. What unfolded over the next 30-hours was the manifestation of Ben's worst nightmare. The moment he had been dreading for the last 4-years had finally come to pass: two of his database columns had run out of storage space! Using feature flags, emergency hot-fixes, shadow tables, and a database migration being performed over a transient and unstable terminal session, he and his team somehow made it through to the other side just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie!

"Hug your data engineers - they are amazing people!" — Ben Nadel

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