045: Join Our Discord

This week's episode is all about the podcast's Discord server going public. We're now inviting all listeners to join us and participate in the community chat. Why would we want to do that, and what's in it for you? Answers to these questions and more now available as sound waves for your ear holes.

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[00:00:00] Intro

[00:00:00] Adam: Okay, here we go. It is show number 45 ish. Maybe. Yeah, we'll see. Maybe we'll make this like 45. A N 45 B later. We'll see. I'm not exactly sure because today we're expecting it to be a short topic. And also it was just myself, Adam and Carol,

[00:00:34] Carol: Hey,

[00:00:35] Adam: other two gentlemen, couldn't make it this evening. but we have a little bit of a special announcement and we just wanted to kind of separate that out from the main show.

[00:00:42] Adam: This is what it's going to be. Basically. Here's what's. We are going to be opening our podcast Discord to the public. It's now

[00:00:49] Carol: Yay claps all around.

[00:00:53] Adam: yeah. Now you can go to workingcode.dev/discord. And on that page, you can get an invite to join our Discord and

[00:01:02] Why We're Opening Up The Discord

[00:01:02] Carol: Previously, this was excluded to our Patriots and that was the only way you got access. And now we are actually giving that to everyone. Anyone who wants to join.

[00:01:11] Adam: Yeah, open it up to the public. And so I guess the first question is why, what is our motivation for this?

[00:01:17] Carol: Yeah. Well, does that, Adam, go ahead. do tell I'm sure they will.

[00:01:20] Adam: Yeah. so basically, we can see from the download numbers, that there is a bit of a community forming around the podcast. We can see that there's a bunch of people and a growing number of people downloading the show and listening to it. And.

[00:01:33] Carol: We love you

[00:01:34] Adam: And we love you and we appreciate you. And we want to hear from you.

[00:01:36] Adam: And we've tried to poke and prod a little bit to get some feedback and some cooperative, not cooperation participation on Twitter. In particular, I say Twitter because that's where I kind of hang out the most. I know you're a little bit more active on

[00:01:50] Carol: Instagram Yeah. Yeah, I do Instagram, but definitely the most contribution happens on Twitter for sure. Yeah.

[00:01:56] Adam: And,and, Ben's not here, but he, he's, he does our Facebook and LinkedIn sort of. Community stuff. but anyway,there's a bunch of you out there and we just kind of want to hear from you more. And so we thought, and we just brought this to our patrons and discussed it with them.

[00:02:11] Adam: And we thought if we could invite the entire community into Discord to have that a little bit more personalized conversation, that would be a good thing.

[00:02:20] Carol: Yeah, and love. I love our Discord. Like I love being in there, chatting with people. It's really fun. And the conversations aren't always around what we're doing on the show. it's just tech in general. it's what's going on in the communities that we write with what we support with work. we have job openings.

[00:02:35] Carol: Like there's just a lot of conversation that goes on that. Specifically to our podcasts. And it's just, it's a really fun community. Yeah.

[00:02:44] Adam: It's it's it's like fast friends, right? Um, there was a day, two weeks ago that, that was two weeks ago. Question mark that, I saw that a couple of our patrons were getting together for drinks. Now these are, England and European union folks are a couple of times ahead. They were getting together for drinks, after work sort of situation.

[00:03:03] Adam: And for me it was lunchtime. So I was like, well, okay, I'll go get a beer and we'll have, I'll have my lunch and we'll hang out and

[00:03:09] Carol: that's perfect.

[00:03:10] Adam: And it was awesome. It was a great, way to hang out during the middle of the day.

[00:03:12] Adam: And it was Friday, so, who cares, but, it was just, yeah, exactly. But it was fun.

[00:03:17] Adam: and so that's the kind of thing that we're looking for. We just want to hang out with the community. And so, I guess the question then the next question is what's in it for you as a listener of the show. and that, I think we kind of summarized it there,

[00:03:29] Carol: We did. Yeah. Yeah. I agree.

[00:03:30] Adam: so we have,a bunch of different channels in the discord.

[00:03:35] Adam: Obviously we have one, that's just kind of general, anything goes, we call that the bike shed.

[00:03:40] Carol: Yeah. By shootings. Awesome.

[00:03:42] Adam: and that's where we argue over tabs versus spaces and,

[00:03:45] Carol: And you can heckle Ben for his anti-lynching. Go ahead. That's fine.

[00:03:50] Adam: And it's all fair game. we have a channel dedicated for talking about podcasts, specific stuff, that topics that have been discussed on a podcast, or it should be,

[00:03:57] Carol: Yeah. Bring us out your ideas, right? Right, right.

[00:04:00] Adam: Absolutely.

[00:04:01] Carol: We have cryptocurrency. Hey, I love my crypto channel.

[00:04:05] Adam: saw a t-shirt the other day. It was a Samuel L. Jackson from, oh God, don't do this to me. Brain. What's the movie? the Quentin Tarantino movie.

[00:04:16] Carol: Yeah, let's ask Carol what the movie is

[00:04:19] Adam: Oh God. Why am I

[00:04:20] Carol: snakes on a plane

[00:04:22] Adam: is a Quentin Tarantino movie with, John Travolta. And, the guy from the sixth sense, Bruce?

[00:04:29] Carol: Willis.

[00:04:29] Adam: real. Yes, man. I'm doing terrible.

[00:04:32] Carol: fast and furious. I

[00:04:33] Adam: yeah, no, both fiction. The name of the movie is pulp fiction and yeah, I'm sorry. There's no, excuse.

[00:04:40] Carol: the universe is really upset with you for forgetting the name of that

[00:04:43] Adam: It is. And you know what, if you are upset with me for it, you can come join us in our Discord and give me crap for it there.

[00:04:49] Adam: And

[00:04:49] Carol: Please do, please do.

[00:04:51] Adam: I will accept my lashings,

[00:04:53] Carol: And you can always have call me about my anti movie references or however you want to say. I don't know them. I don't know.

[00:05:01] Adam: culture, knowledge. Anyway, all of that to say, I saw a t-shirt with a. Cartoon representation of Samuel Jackson from pulp fiction. There's a scene where he says, say what again? MFR and.

[00:05:13] Carol: is that when he's eating burger king?

[00:05:15] Adam: no, this is when they go to like,

[00:05:17] Carol: Oh,

[00:05:18] Adam: it's a thing

[00:05:19] Carol: That's the

[00:05:19] Adam: whole thing anyway, but it says on the teacher is a say blockchain again.

[00:05:23] Adam: And I got, I loved it. Um, so yeah, so the whole cryptocurrency thing, we it's a little bit of a joke. we like to make fun of it, but also some of us are kind of a little interested in it. It's a whole thing.

[00:05:35] Carol: yeah. We started it back when, I was talking about dojo all the time. I think people got talk got tired of me, like having my doge conversations in general. So let's get a new crypto channel.

[00:05:45] Adam: Yeah. And wait. So we have, a channel specifically for discussing and celebrating triumphs and fails and,

[00:05:50] Carol: in there. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

[00:05:52] Adam: and we

[00:05:53] Carol: cheer with you.

[00:05:54] Adam: and we have a channel for posting and sharing job opportunities. So that's all good. And then we have, and this is all subject to change and we'll probably be organizing things differently over time, but, and then we have a couple of, patron only channels.

[00:06:07] Adam: Things like when we organize our game nights, those are still going to be patron only.

[00:06:11] Carol: Yup. Yup. You do have to be part of the patriotic community in order to get in on that, but we have a blast. So once you join the open discord, you may change your mind and become one of the patriotic. So you can come play games with us

[00:06:24] Adam: Oh, it's so much fun. I'm really sad that I missed the last one.

[00:06:27] Carol: It was a blast. Evan. Camera's amazing. Like we just had so much fun like it.

[00:06:32] Carol: Yeah, definitely. Definitely going to do it again.

[00:06:34] Adam: Yep. and then, so sort of along the same lines, right? So we're opening up Discord to the public. That used to be something that was at that, entry-level tier of Patreon. And so now that that's public, what we're doing to sort of compensate for that is we're moving our after show and early access to new shows down to that entry level tier of Patreon.

[00:06:54] Carol: Oh, so everyone has a Patriot and gets access to our, our feed to get the early access.

[00:07:00] Adam: Right. So, as a patron, you get a special RSS link that you can use to download the show and new episodes show up early, not on a specific schedule there, right? So the official schedule for the public access is on Wednesdays. The early access is whenever we get it ready,

[00:07:14] Carol: Yeah. And when show notes are out yet,

[00:07:16] Adam: anywhere between like a week and a half to three days

[00:07:20] Carol: Yeah. It just depends.

[00:07:21] Adam: and, yeah, so there's that, and that's going to be all patrons now, which is awesome.

[00:07:26] Carol: Whew.

[00:07:27] Adam: And yeah, and

[00:07:30] Carol: our Patriots are good with all this. Do you say Patreon or patrons?

[00:07:34] Adam: I say patron.

[00:07:35] Carol: I say patriotic. I don't know why.

[00:07:37] Adam: Yeah. so I think it comes from the, the old school. there was a thing that you could do, like a rich person would basically sponsor somebody to, learn something, to become good at a thing. or like a scientist or an artist or something to do their work. Right. It's something they wouldn't necessarily otherwise get paid to do.

[00:07:58] Adam: But then, but this person who had the means to pay for it would say, that's something I want to see in the world. And so they would just pay that person to do that thing. Right. And that was called being a patron. And so that was sort of the, the concept that was in mind. I think when they created Patreon, it's like the people with the money can kind of pay you and it just becomes crowdfunding instead of one person, to can pay you to do this.

[00:08:19] Carol: cool. Yeah. That's

[00:08:20] Adam: So, yeah, right. So that's why I've referred to it as Patreon as the site, because it's got an E in it. but then the people that are supporting us on Patriots are our patrons,

[00:08:32] Carol: Oh yeah. See, I totally messed up because as they are Patriots,

[00:08:36] Adam: like 99% of other people who,

[00:08:37] Carol: yes.

[00:08:38] Adam: referred to patron, Patreon, and patrons refer to them as Patriana it's totally normal thing. That's why I've never corrected anybody on it.

[00:08:45] Carol: my spell check often changes it.

[00:08:47] Carol: for me and I have to go. No, we're spelling it the way I want.

[00:08:51] Adam: Added to your dictionary.

[00:08:52] Carol: Yes.

[00:08:54] Adam: Okay. is there anything else that we want to say on this?

[00:08:56] Carol: join discord.

[00:08:58] Adam: Join the Discord and you can do that. You can go to workingcode.dev/discord, and there will be something we're not exactly sure what the content of that page is going to be yet, but it'll be. And there will be a way for you to join our Discord.

[00:09:10] Adam: And it's like slack, if you've ever used that or HipChat or what are some of

[00:09:15] Carol: hit chat back in the

[00:09:17] Adam: old-school and, yeah, so it's just, it's like team chat, except this is more discord. The thing about Discord is that it is it's like those other tools, but Discord was directly aiming itself at communities, especially in the early days with communities of gay.

[00:09:33] Adam: And so it's entirely free to use, and then they're on like a freemium model. So they want to upsell you to use,to be able to have custom server specific emojis or stuff like that. Like little things. And if you've got lots of people and they, are interested in that sort of thing, then they can pay for that to

[00:09:50] Carol: Yeah. And I'm in a couple, with the classes I'd take on you to me. There are several, Detol have Discord channels up for the class so that your community support is there for when you're doing these. Cause you're doing the classes on your own schedule. So it's not like you have the instructor there, like every Thursday to come talk to you.

[00:10:06] Carol: So I usually join the discords for those and I get in on those channels. So yeah, it's good for lots of things outside of just gaming. So

[00:10:13] Thanks For Listening!

[00:10:13] Adam: Absolutely. So, I guess I will say, I hope that we see you there soon. Don't forget to work workingcode.dev/discord.

[00:10:22] Carol: yeah.

[00:10:22] Adam: And I think that's all we have.

[00:10:25] Carol: That's it for me. Come join. Yay.

[00:10:27] Adam: All right, we'll see you there. and your heart matters.

[00:10:29] Carol: Your heart matters.

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