117: Champions of Truth

On episode 114 of the show, in effort to balance out the somber tone of Carol's unfortunate layoff, we decided to have a little fun and play Two Truths and a Lie. On today's episode we review the listener submissions and crown the one winner who correctly selected all of our lies. And the prize goes to.... listen to the show!

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[00:00:00] Adam: All right, so let's see. We have one winner.

[00:00:05] Carol: What?

[00:00:05] Adam: champion of

[00:00:06] Ben: Dang.

[00:00:07] Adam: and it is drum roll.

[00:00:29] Intro

[00:00:29] Adam: Okay, here we go. It is show number 117, and on today's show we are going to champion, I'm sorry, damnit

[00:00:38] Tim: Going to Crown.

[00:00:39] Adam: we're going to crown our, our champions of truth. I don't, I can't tell. You know what? Leave it. I, I was gonna say maybe we'll do it again, but leave it. We're gonna, uh, We're just gonna go with it.

[00:00:50] Adam: but first as usual, oh. And then of course, in addition to that, we have a topic. And on today show we're going to discuss things that we know we should be doing, but we just aren't because reasons. And so , uh,we'll get into that in a little bit. but as usual, we will start with our triumphs and fails.

[00:01:06] Adam: We got the whole crew back here. Welcome back, Carol.

[00:01:09] Carol: Thanks guys.

[00:01:10] Adam: so why don't we start with you.

[00:01:12] Carol's Triumph

[00:01:12] Carol: Sure I can kick us off. I'm gonna go with a big old triumph because there's nothing like a good kick in the butt to motivate you to do something you've been wanting to do for a while. So, as you know, got, my position got cut a few weeks back and I've just been like, I'm gonna take my month off and I'm gonna.

[00:01:27] Carol: Do my taxes and pack my house and do things that I've just not had time to do. But also, in the meantime, my husband and I have been talking about the plan for our future, and we're gonna go the route of, I'm gonna air quote this. So you know, this is being air quoted of Start My own company, and that I want to start consulting and contracting work for a while.

[00:01:48] Carol: I don't wanna work for anyone. I wanna make some decisions about my career that. Aren't related to a direction of a company and I, the only way to do that is to be independent for a little bit. So we're gonna do that for, you know, probably the next year or so until we get to probably two more stations.

[00:02:04] Carol: And then if it's not working for me, then I'll bounce back into the, okay, I'll take a job and work for someone. But hopefully by that point I'll have. A solid foundation and maybe a few other people working with me. We'll just see how it goes, but it's definitely been the motivation I needed to go start it and go do something different and take control of my career path rather than driving my career path based off what the company needs.

[00:02:28] Adam: Nice.

[00:02:28] Ben: Very

[00:02:29] Adam: Do you have any specific ideas about what it is you wanna be doing? Are you talking consulting?

[00:02:33] Carol: Yeah, yeah, I'm definitely wanting to consult and contract for a bit. I have three positions right now that want me to start in March. One would be basically coding, which was gonna force me to learn some react that I've been wanting to do for a while, which that's fine. the other is they need some organization skills as far as they have structured the company very poorly, and now they need someone to come in and figure out how to un.

[00:02:57] Carol: Structure the mess and get it fixed, and then some management stuff as well. So I am probably only gonna pick up two of them at first, and then the third would be later down the road if I have time for it.

[00:03:08] Tim: Cool.

[00:03:09] Tim: I, I Do you, have you decided to talk to anyone who's like, been contracting for a while about you? Things they wish they knew when they started out.

[00:03:18] Carol: Yeah, actually that's my plan for next month. you guys know Nolan, right? Nolan, Eric. Eric is how you, I think it's how you say his last name. He's a great, great reference for that stuff. And then Steve Withington as well, like both of them are very close friends of mine and I know that they would point me in the right direction.

[00:03:34] Carol: So I'm gonna reach out to both of them and see what they can, you know, warn me about upfront and get any advice they have before I, you know, get too. But definitely that's my March plan.

[00:03:45] Tim: That's cool. Yeah, I was definitely gonna recommend Nolan.

[00:03:48] Carol: yeah. He's so amazing and so great in the community.

[00:03:50] Tim: he's quality.

[00:03:51] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[00:03:53] Adam: And just a great guy.

[00:03:55] Carol: Yeah. Completely agree. But that's me.

[00:03:57] Tim: Annie has a platinum record.

[00:04:00] Carol: Really?

[00:04:00] Ben: Wait,

[00:04:00] Tim: Yeah. Yeah. So Nolan, you know, he writes a lot of music and he's in a, been in a band forever. He wrote a song that got picked up by some Brazilian band and became like a huge hit down in Brazil

[00:04:11] Ben: Really?

[00:04:12] Tim: B, because he wrote it. He's on the, you know, he's on the platinum record, so,

[00:04:16] Carol: that is so cool. Just another reason why Nolan's great.

[00:04:21] Carol: yeah, that's me. I'm winning all the way around

[00:04:25] Tim: Oh, cool.

[00:04:25] Carol: Yeah. What about you Adam? What's you got going on?

[00:04:29] Adam's Triumph

[00:04:29] Adam: I'm also gonna go with a triumph this week. we, well, so this is a triumph built on the back of some, let's call it an embarrassing fail. some jack hole who shall remain nameless,who happens to have two thumbs. Created, some database clusters on encrypted storage.

[00:04:47] Adam: And, we had a whole bunch of e c two computers on aws, whose hard drives were not encrypted at rest. And so as we've been going through this whole SOC two compliance thing, we discovered these things and I, I think I mention. last week about how the SOC two compliance stuff, you know, helped us find things that, we were paying for and not using.

[00:05:06] Adam: and, and so that was a, a bonus and this is, mostly stuff that we're gonna keep, but now, you know, we're doing the right thing and getting it encrypted at rest, which is something that we wanna do. You know, this is, again, it's another case of it's the right thing to do. It's just annoying to go through the process.

[00:05:23] Adam: anyway, so last Sunday, I, spent some time, basically, jumping through a bunch of hoops to encrypt, the e b s volumes on our e c two machines that were unencrypted. And, I can actually walk you through it real quick. So, because you can't just like have a running machine and say, encrypt the, the drive.

[00:05:41] Adam: Yes.

[00:05:42] Carol: What is E? What is e B S.

[00:05:44] Adam: It's elastic block storage, I believe. Basically it's the, the hard drive, that you can hook up to an e c two machine. So EC two is just like, gimme a VMware instance, right? And, and then you, you can have, they, they manage the hard drive separately. So you can

[00:05:57] Adam: have,

[00:05:58] Adam: you know, you can create.

[00:06:00] Adam: Storage volumes and attach them to different machines. yep. And so, you can't just say, okay, I've got a running e c two machine. I don't wanna have downtime, so just go ahead and encrypt the volume. That would be nice, but you can't do it. So here's what you have to do. You have to, snapshot the volume, what you can do while the machine is running.

[00:06:16] Adam: But, if the machine is running, then it is possible for changes to continue to be made to the contents of that volume, right? So if you're outputting a lot of files or something, then, then this, that wouldn't work for you. In that case, you would want to stop the machine first and then snapshot the, the volume.

[00:06:31] Adam: Once you have the volume snapshotted, it says, since it's an unencrypted volume, your snapshot is unencrypted. But you can take the vo, the snapshot, and you can make a copy of the snapshot and the, the copy can be an encrypted copy. And then, so once you have an encrypted copy, you can create an encrypted volume from your encrypted copy.

[00:06:48] Adam: And then, so now you've got an encrypted volume that's identical to your unencrypted volume, and now your machine has stopped. So you just detach the unencrypted volume and you. The encrypted volume in its place, making sure that the device name is the same and there's, you know, other little minor details, they have to be in the same region and all that.

[00:07:05] Adam: But, that's , that's what I had to do for like 15 machines.

[00:07:09] Ben: Oof.

[00:07:10] Tim: How long did that encryption take?

[00:07:12] Adam: it's not long. I mean, the snapshot itself takes, you know, maybe 10, 15 minutes tops and you can do a bunch of 'em at the same time. the, the encrypted copy, I mean, darn near instant, two, three minutes. And then to create a volume from an encrypted snapshot again, two, three minutes.

[00:07:30] Adam: so yeah, I mean, I did, like I said, I did like 15 ish servers on Sunday, and I think it took me an hour,

[00:07:36] Carol: Oh, that's not.

[00:07:37] Adam: yeah, maybe, maybe like an hour and a half. But still,

[00:07:42] Ben: are you treating the EBS as a, as a persisted permanent volume or is it more just like scratch disc for the, for the running

[00:07:49] Adam: it, it's the, so these are Windows servers and it's like the Route C drive. for those. So yeah, it's, it's permanent. so that, that was like last Sunday's success. And then the sort of the other side of this coin, or the second half of my triumph here is, I am moving forward on, encrypting the r d s volumes and I spent.

[00:08:07] Adam: Several days trying to track down the best way to do this because we, we have two database clusters that are unencrypted. One of them is like 800 gigs, I think, and the other is like 350 or something like that. So the, we're talking about a lot of data and to encrypt all of that would be a pain in the butt.

[00:08:22] Adam: And I was, I was horrified at first, like, oh my God, I'm gonna have to, you know, create a new, cluster and do the same thing that I just went through a couple of months ago to, to migrate all of that data over, to the encrypted cluster. Fortunately, that's not gonna be the case. you have to go through even more hoops to encrypt an RDS instance, but,it's gonna end and there's gonna be more downtime.

[00:08:42] Adam: I, I, so I scheduled a maintenance window for this Saturday from like 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM Hopefully I don't need all of it, right? Try to be conservative, but, I'm giving myself a lot of breathing room there, so, and I'm, I'm only gonna do the smaller cluster this weekend. See what I can learn from that.

[00:08:58] Adam: And then hopeful. It goes well and I can just be like, okay, yeah, you know, I'll do the big one next time and it'll be even, it'll be easier. Just take a little bit longer cuz there's more data.

[00:09:08] Tim: So for your rds, is it Microsoft SQL Server or what, what

[00:09:11] Adam: MySQL,

[00:09:12] Tim: MySQL. Okay.

[00:09:13] Adam: Aurora MySQL. But yeah, it's still MySQL.

[00:09:15] Tim: Yeah.

[00:09:16] Ben: I think, I think maybe we had to do something like that years ago and, I think what they ended up doing was they created, they spun up a Reed replica, and I think the Reed replica was using encrypted storage. And basically they would catch up and at one point they would,

[00:09:31] Adam: You can just

[00:09:32] Ben: they would, yeah. I, I, I mean, I think it required a little bit of downtime to make sure that nobody was trying to do anything while it was catching up kind of a thing.

[00:09:39] Ben: But,

[00:09:40] Adam: That was a strategy that I tried and so I got real excited too, cuz you can, add an, you can add an instance to a cluster and there's a checkbox that you can check that says that should be encrypted. An encrypted instance. , and then you click the button and it creates your instance and you're like, yeah, yeah, I did it.

[00:09:56] Adam: I got an encrypted reader added to my cluster and it's, it's already starting to replicate all the data over and I'll just, you know, keep doing that and, and we will fail over and, and the world will be good. And then I checked and I was like, wait a minute. This instance isn't encrypted. Like they just ignored the checkbox because, and that mean, I get it, it's joining an unencrypted cluster and there's probably some sort of like, you know, Whatever, two left hands can't shake or that sort of thing.

[00:10:21] Adam: I don't know, whatever.

[00:10:23] Ben: two left hands.

[00:10:25] Adam: so, yeah, I don't know, but,ultimately I found a way and I'm, I'm jazzed about that. So,

[00:10:31] Ben: Nice.

[00:10:32] Adam: so that's my triumph. how about you, Tim?

[00:10:34] Tim's Failure

[00:10:34] Tim: Well, speaking of maintenance windows, I'm going to, I'm gonna tell you a story about a maintenance window that went really wrong.

[00:10:41] Carol: Oh.

[00:10:41] Tim: So, so mine's a fail. So it is not my fail, but I was affected by the fail. So we, you know, we do. Payment processing. We, we use multiple backend processors for somewhat of an aggregator in that regard.

[00:10:54] Tim: And there's one that we used years and years ago, and there's still a few customers on it. There's like one rather large customer on it. and so we get an email, you know, several emails in a row over the past month saying, Hey, we're, we'll be doing some maintenance this Saturday. no downtime is expected.

[00:11:10] Tim: I'm like, okay, cool. That wasn't necessarily true. So Saturday things went really pair shaped for a while and, but you know, Saturday really wasn't a busy day for our customers, so I just kinda went Oh, okay. But then Tuesday, Tuesday just, everything just fell apart for them. And so we eventually find, now they tell us more information.

[00:11:35] Tim: Cause we're like, what's going on here? They were moving their stack to aws. Now that is not a maintenance thing, that is a major overhaul of your infrastructure moving from on-prem to aws. and obviously didn't go well because, you know, you, we would, you know, we send a request for a payment, you know, to do, you know, charge a credit card, and there were sometimes their, the request would take. Two minutes to run, but our application times out at 60 seconds. We figure after 60 seconds, you know, the persons have probably already left the page.

[00:12:09] Carol: Yeah, I was like, who has a two minute timeout on the payment processor?

[00:12:12] Tim: I don't think it was a timeout. It's just they were so, I don't know if they provisioned their AWS network correctly. It was just slow.

[00:12:19] Carol: Yeah, that's what I meant. Like who would be okay waiting two minutes, like if I'm make like no, that's like there's a problem.

[00:12:25] Tim: There's, there's a problem. And, and so it's like all we would get back is an error message saying, you know, that the, the gateway back in is, is unavailable and we look on their, they have reports and stuff. None of the reports were showing transactions, but transactions were going through people's cards cuz people called and said, Hey, like I saw one. He'd pay for his car insurance and it was 280 something dollars and he, he, because he didn't get a response, he charged six times to his debit

[00:12:53] Carol: Oh, oh, no.

[00:12:55] Tim: So 280, 80 times six, and

[00:12:57] Tim: it got

[00:12:57] Carol: all went through, no.

[00:13:00] Tim: They all went

[00:13:00] Adam: because it's a debit card. It's like that money, I mean, you can get it back, but it's, it's instantly gone. Like, you can't buy groceries this week because it's gone, sort of

[00:13:08] Tim: I mean, you know, so that all happened, it was only down for like two hours, but you know, we had a lot of payments going through during those two hours, and so the next day it was just absolute hell. Cause we're trying to clean all this stuff up, trying to, you know, it's not my, I didn't do this, but my customers are asking me what's going on.

[00:13:28] Tim: We're trying to get answers out of them. Of course, we're only one of many thousands of customers they have. Getting an answer out of them was hard, and they gave us wrong answers at first, and then they finally gave us some right answers. And so spent pretty much, I mean, all day from early Wednesday morning to late Wednesday night, just cleaning all this stuff up.

[00:13:49] Tim: and there's still gonna be cleanup for the next week or so. and then this other weird stuff that they, rather than, some people got lucky rather than getting charged six times. Some people rather than getting charged, got credit.

[00:14:00] Carol: No, and I bet they're not gonna report that back to you,

[00:14:04] Tim: Yeah. Or some people, some people will get charged and then it, they show up on their bank statement and then like two hours later, you know, online it disappeared and, you know, we didn't do that. So they're like, they, they don't know what's going on. So yeah, it, it is a complete mess. And of course customers are calling me and then, you know, completely cursing me out and, you know, and, yeah, it was not a good day.

[00:14:28] Ben: The only time that I can ever remember being, I, I wasn't being yelled at directly, but I was in a meeting where people were being furiously yelled at by our cto, was the weekend that we migrated from managed hosting to aws. They, the team had swore up and down. They've tested everything. They've done dry. You know, this should take, it was like, this should take two hours, but let's do four hours of maintenance window for our customers just to be safe. It ended up having to run like the entire weekend because stuff kept breaking and they couldn't fer what it was and, oh, man, like come Sunday night when the site's been down for 48 hours, c t o is just ripping into people hard.

[00:15:15] Ben: And I've, I, I've never been on a call like that. It was very, it was almost surreal. It was very,

[00:15:21] Tim: I'm sad to say I've been on many calls like.

[00:15:23] Carol: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:15:26] Tim: Many calls like too many.

[00:15:29] Adam: what's going through my head is like, okay, clearly that's not the right way to handle the situation because yelling is not going to solve the problem and, and it's mistreatment of your employees and all of that. What. is the right answer. Like, you know, you have a responsibility to get the website back online.

[00:15:46] Adam: I guess the, the question is like, you know, what's blocking it and what can you do to facilitate getting it,

[00:15:53] Tim: Yeah,

[00:15:53] Adam: up faster?

[00:15:54] Tim: the, the person got the most angry. Basically, his thing was he. I don't know. We didn't know the scale of it. Right. How many people are affected? He's like, he's like, he got really, really hot. And then at the end, I think someone else in the room was kind of telling 'em to calm down. Cuz you know, I was answering very calmly.

[00:16:09] Tim: I didn't get, I didn't get upset. You know, I, I totally understand where they're coming from and he is like, do we know the extent of this problem i's like, yes, I can tell you the exact number. Of things that that went wrong, you know, all each transaction. I can tell you exactly. He's like, all right, when can get me that?

[00:16:27] Tim: I'm like, in an hour. He's like, okay. And then, you know, we ended and I sent it to him and then I got a text message from him. Go a text message the next day. Didn't apologize, but he says, I want you to know that we know that we appreciate how much you. And I appreciate that very much. And I'm like, thank you.

[00:16:45] Tim: Sorry you had to go through this. You know, I'm always, I'm, I'm, I'm in your corner on this, so,

[00:16:49] Carol: Yeah, I mean, you were just the middle guy here. Like you, you were

[00:16:53] Carol: li lost like they were

[00:16:55] Tim: I'm, the one they can talk to.

[00:16:56] Carol: right.

[00:16:56] Tim: right. Yeah. So yeah, it was, it was, it was a bad day. So, but today, but today, today was, today was cool. today was, was a lot better.

[00:17:05] Tim: So that's me. How about you?

[00:17:07] Ben's Triumph

[00:17:07] Ben: I'm gonna go with the tri. Which is just that I've, I've been feeling pretty jazzed about web development lately, the last couple of weeks.

[00:17:14] Carol: Yay.

[00:17:15] Ben: yeah, as I've mentioned before, lately I've been digging into this hot wire framework from, the Ruby on Rails world. Yeah. And, I don't know, there's, it's, part of it is just the excitement of learning something new, but part of it I think is just, I appreciate the philosophy of Hot Wire, which is more about using the tools that you love to use and not necessarily using.

[00:17:38] Ben: Hot, trendy tools. man, I don't know. I've been having a good time. I, I've been burnt out I think for a while, so this is, this feels good.

[00:17:46] Carol: It is nice to find something you wanna learn that motivates you to keep going with it, cuz so many times I find myself in that I wanna learn it, but then I don't have time and I can't keep going with it. So it's nice that you've been able to stick with it and it's still motivating you. That's cool.

[00:18:01] Ben: Yeah. And it's especially nice cuz I, I also feel in the context of everything that's happening in the web world right now, Where I do generally feel like I'm falling behind with all of the latest compilers. Like everything runs on V and Es build and stuff these days. I don't know what any of that stuff is.

[00:18:18] Ben: I mean, I hear about it, but I've never tried any of it. I haven't tried any of these dynamics, server side rendering next kind of frameworks. So there's, there's like a lot of stuff that's happening on the edges of computing and the kind of the universal.

[00:18:34] Adam: Yeah,

[00:18:35] Ben: that I just, I don't know anything about.

[00:18:36] Ben: So

[00:18:37] Adam: I would say, you know, like so tough because you have to, I, I don't want to say something that's like, you know, categorically untrue. If you want to stay

[00:18:49] Tim: just kind of untrue.

[00:18:53] Adam: if you want to stay, you know, modern and, and try to be toward the bleeding edge, you need to try and stay aware of, you know, what, what's trending, what's, popular right now. Because popularity can be a sign of, quality, right? . But if you look at the state of JS survey that was, at the end of last year,there was a huge number of like, yes, a lot of people who take the survey and there's a little bit of a, a sampling bias problem.

[00:19:20] Adam: But, even with the fact that like the people who are most likely to take the survey are also most likely to, you know, be interested in these more modern technologies, your reacts and and view and all of that. even given that, there was a huge number of people that still use jQuery,

[00:19:37] Ben: Right. Yeah, exactly.

[00:19:39] Carol: Oh yeah.

[00:19:40] Adam: you know, like so much of the world runs on the legacy platform, right?

[00:19:47] Adam: Like Greenfield, there's, we all have pie in the sky, hopes and dreams for the way we want to be doing things. But then we also. The thing that we have to support . And for so many of us, that's just, you know, it's so some old Angular one app, or it's, jQuery and, and Browserify and, and it's run on grunt and gulp and , you know?

[00:20:09] Tim: What, whatever was cool at the time when it

[00:20:11] Carol: Yeah, I was about to say, I remember when those were sexy,

[00:20:14] Adam: Yep.

[00:20:16] Ben: I will

[00:20:17] Adam: So don't, don't, don't be too hard on yourself, but yeah.

[00:20:19] Ben: yeah, yeah. Totally, totally. it is nice. So, west Boss on the, on the Syntax fm, one of the things that he brings up from time to time, because people ask him, you know, how do you stay on top of this stuff? And he's like, stay on top of this stuff is literally my,

[00:20:33] Adam: Mm-hmm.

[00:20:33] Ben: don't freak out when I mentioned something for the ninth time, like maybe then consider looking into it, but don't look into it just because I'm talking about it

[00:20:41] Adam: Exactly. Yeah. Because the, he's exactly right. Their job is to ride that bleeding edge of the wave and, you know, figure out what's cool and, and what's, what's, useful so that the rest of us can just get that information from them and use it to make hard decisions.

[00:20:58] Ben: Yeah, feeling jazzed. Enjoying the feeling of feeling jazzed,

[00:21:03] Champions of Truth: Two Truths and a Lie Results

[00:21:03] Adam: Alrighty. Well then I believe that brings us around to time to crown our champions of truth. But first we have to figure out who they

[00:21:11] Adam: Uh,Yeah. So, I guess the best way it'll do this will be, we'll go through and we'll each, read our, our two truths and a lie again. And the other three of us can take our guesses.

[00:21:23] Adam: We'll figure out,or, or, we'll, we'll do the best we can to figure out which one of your statements is a lie, and then you'll reveal your lie to us and to the. And, I have the spreadsheet of people who submitted their guesses, and I will whittle that down using filtering as we go. And hopefully we're left with a couple of, champions of truth.

[00:21:42] Tim: We're just gonna have one winner unless there's a tie. Is that

[00:21:45] Adam: it, I figure anybody who gets all of the answers right, there's four of us, so you have to, you have to be pretty on it to get all four of 'em, right? so we'll see. We'll see how many people get 'em.

[00:21:53] Tim: All right.

[00:21:54] Adam: All right. Well, Carol, why don't we start with you.

[00:21:57] Carol's Lie

[00:21:57] Carol: Sure. So my three were, I crushed my Mustang and rolled it a couple times before I could legally even drive. That was one. I gained entry into a bar by telling the bouncer that the guy behind, like the guy behind me had a knife.

[00:22:13] Adam: Mm-hmm.

[00:22:14] Carol: then, I have been no trespassed at Six Flags Over Georgia

[00:22:21] Tim: for for her for a year, right?

[00:22:23] Carol: for a year. Yeah. Yeah. And I had season passes.

[00:22:27] Adam: this is tough because, like some of these, I can definitely see for you. Some of 'em, I'm like, I don't know. I don't know how, how much of a bad girl you are, or were,

[00:22:37] Tim: She, oh, she was

[00:22:40] Carol: I'm good now.

[00:22:41] Tim: She's good now. Yeah,

[00:22:42] Carol: Yeah.

[00:22:43] Adam: Anybody wanna take a guess?

[00:22:45] Carol: All right, Ben.


[00:22:46] Ben: I'm gonna, so I'm guessing the lie. That's the idea.

[00:22:49] Carol: Guess the lie. Yeah.

[00:22:51] Ben: I'm gonna say the lie is the entry into the bar. Telling the bouncer there was a guy with a knife.

[00:22:58] Carol: Okay. Tim.

[00:23:00] Tim: Yeah, I'm torn between that one, the, the knife and the, the six legs trespass, um, torn

[00:23:06] Ben: of them.

[00:23:06] Tim: two. I'm not, I'm not buying the Mustang. I don't know if too many teenagers are gonna get a Mustang, you know, like 14 or whatever. So, yeah, I, I'm gonna go with the, the knife.

[00:23:16] Carol: Okay.

[00:23:17] Adam: So, yeah. I could believe the knife was a true one. If the guy actually did have a knife. I just can't see you causing somebody to be like roughed up by a bouncer for for no reason other than to get by them. That just doesn't seem like a Carol thing.

[00:23:33] Carol: Oh

[00:23:33] Carol: man.

[00:23:34] Tim: but it it could be a white lie though, right? Because it'd be like he has a knife. She didn't say, she didn't say he was attacking her with it. He, he just had one in his pocket

[00:23:42] Adam: I, I think honestly I want, I want, I have been no trespass from Six Flags for a year to be True. Cause I wanna hear the story there, So I don't know. Did we all choose knife? I'm gonna go with knife.

[00:23:54] Carol: Yeah, I think you all picked knife, right?

[00:23:57] Tim: Yep.

[00:23:57] Carol: Which you are correct. That is actually my husband's story,

[00:24:02] Adam: Oh.

[00:24:02] Ben: Oh,

[00:24:04] Carol: So, I'll tell you his story really fast. They were at a bar one night and they were on the second floor and they decided after a few drinks it would be funny to spit down on people. And needless to say, they might have, you know, spat on some Ranger boys and Army Ranger boys are not nice people.

[00:24:23] Carol: So then they go

[00:24:24] Carol: into the.

[00:24:24] Tim: when they event spit on.

[00:24:25] Carol: Yeah. Yeah. So then they go into the club and my husband, you know, drunk and young goes, dude that got behind me has a knife. And he said he was gonna stab me and then goes past the bouncer. And the bouncer like roughs up the ranger boys and kick them out. So that's absolutely my husband's story,

[00:24:42] Adam: he was avoiding a confrontation,

[00:24:44] Tim: pretty

[00:24:45] Carol: that he caused. But yeah,

[00:24:47] Adam: right?

[00:24:48] Tim: That's funny because the six flag story I got. Almost, I didn't get kicked out, but I was spit, spit out of the sky bucket when I was like 16 and it landed on some, but I wasn't even trying to spit it. I was just like, we were hyped up and I just, for some reason I spit and man, those, those people

[00:25:05] Carol: They're serious.

[00:25:06] Tim: kick my butt,

[00:25:07] Carol: They're not happy.

[00:25:09] Adam: I just remembered I have a spit story too. I, I, a friend of mine and I would go to the Y M C A a lot when we were kids, like over the summer and, just, we weren't trying to be malicious or anything, but just because we were young, dumb kids. The, the window was open. It was an indoor pool, and we would just, like, every time we were waiting in line to, to go jump off the diving board or something, we would like walk up to the window and spit out the window, and at some point somebody got spit.

[00:25:36] Adam: and we got harang into the, the manager's office or whatever, and they like, called our parents and they, they really believed we were doing it to be, you know, mean to somebody or something like that. But it was innocent spinning on somebody.

[00:25:49] Tim: Just dumb male spitting

[00:25:50] Adam: yeah. So then, so, so then, okay, I gotta hear the story. What, what got you kicked out of Six Flags?

[00:25:56] Carol: Yeah, so the first year Goliath Open, which is like the biggest rollercoaster, has the, the biggest drops or something. I don't know. It was all the rage. I decided I was going to get my GoPro out and record on it, and as we're taking off, they're like, ma'am, you can't have your GoPro out. So then as we're going off, I take the GoPro back out.

[00:26:17] Carol: They stop the ride halfway up, a guy comes marching up the stairs, takes away my GoPro, and security's waiting on me at the end of the ride. And they es they escort me off of the property. like, take me to a golf cart. Take me around the back to like private entries and stuff. Take me to like their police station.

[00:26:36] Carol: Like take a picture of me and go, if you show back up for a year, we will do criminal trespasses and you'll actually be arrested for it. I was like, okay.

[00:26:46] Tim: why such a huge reaction to that?

[00:26:48] Carol: Because the GoPros, I guess, had been flying off people's heads and out of their hands and hitting the people behind them and causing Yeah, like serious damage and and injury to people.

[00:26:58] Carol: Yeah.

[00:26:59] Adam: I

[00:26:59] Carol: And the falling

[00:27:00] Adam: yeah, I've worn a GoPro on roller coasters a couple times, but I always, they make you use the like chest

[00:27:05] Carol: chess one. Mm-hmm.

[00:27:06] Adam: gonna come off

[00:27:07] Carol: Yep. Yep. so.

[00:27:09] Carol: that was it. And then the Mustang, I, my parents used to go to car auctions and they would resell cars. And so when I was 14, I got an 87 Mustang, and this was like in 2000, like year 2000. So right. after I got my permit, I used to drive to school and after school one day I tried beating the.

[00:27:29] Carol: And went down a dirt road and was trying to also pass my cousins. So I drove past my cousins on the dirt road, but it started raining and I hit a ditch and just started rolling my car. So that was true too.

[00:27:42] Carol: Yeah.

[00:27:42] Tim: you injured?

[00:27:43] Carol: Yeah. I actually cracked my shoulder blade and, broke my shoulder, like these bones up in here.

[00:27:48] Carol: Yeah, it hurt. Every time I stood up, I passed out for the pain. I was like, Ooh. I also was not wearing a seatbelt, so, yeah.

[00:27:55] Tim: Wow. Luckily be

[00:27:57] Adam: in cars.

[00:27:57] Carol: Yeah, they're, it's not a good thing. So yeah. So those are my two. Good job guys, I'm guessing.

[00:28:02] Ben: Man,

[00:28:03] Adam: wanted to pick, the, the six flags as your lie, but I wanted it to be true,

[00:28:08] Carol: Yeah, absolutely true. Now, you know. Yeah. I was trying to come up with a lie that was believable. I was like, I'm just still one of my husbands, because I know the stories well enough that I could tell it.

[00:28:18] Tim: someone else's

[00:28:18] Carol: Yeah, I could answer questions on it.

[00:28:21] Tim: Yeah.

[00:28:22] Carol: So those, those are mine. What about you? 10. Oh,

[00:28:25] Adam: well, I, I wanna filter down our list here. So, the, the lie was that you,

[00:28:30] Carol: the bar?

[00:28:31] Adam: into the bar. Okay? So that brings us down. Ooh. Knocked out quite a few people. We'll see. There's still plenty of, plenty of people in the running here.

[00:28:39] Carol: Good, good,

[00:28:39] Carol: good.

[00:28:40] Tim: Okay.

[00:28:41] Carol: Go. 10.

[00:28:42] Tim's Lie

[00:28:42] Adam: so my first one was in 1998. My girlfriend was in a Super Bowl commercial as a oil valle spokesperson. I built a robot that competed in a robot wars in the amateur circuit in 2013. And I lived in Scotland for two years in my mid twenties. So one of those is a lie.

[00:29:02] Adam: So I think I know what it is. I, but I, I think you might be clever enough to get us on a technicality here. So I know for a fact that you have been involved with robot battle stuff, so

[00:29:15] Ben: was gonna pick that one as my lie,

[00:29:18] Adam: Well, but here's the thing, right? So he specifically called it Robot Wars. So if it, you know, if it was officially like Battle Bots, amateur League or something like that, then that could be the technicality, right?

[00:29:29] Adam: Or like, I know that you spent some time, or I know that your wife is from England, or she's from Sweden, like raised in England or something like that. So like, and I think that that's, if I'm not mistaken, that's where you met her. So like there could be a technicality there. Maybe it's England, not Scotland.

[00:29:44] Adam: Right. And so, there's like, I don't know where to go with this one. I think I'm just gonna go with the Scotland for two years. In your mid twenties, maybe it was in your mid thirties. For all I know.

[00:29:55] Ben: See, and I picture him being in Scotland simply for. Like a food adventure, like eating highland cow testicles or something, you know, like

[00:30:03] Adam: wrapped up in

[00:30:03] Adam: sheep stomachs.

[00:30:05] Ben: I'm sure there's lots of different kinds of testicles.

[00:30:08] Adam: you were on a testicles of the World tour

[00:30:10] Tim: true. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds good.

[00:30:15] Tim:

[00:30:15] Ben: well I was gonna go with robot wars. Well, Carol, what were you gonna go with?

[00:30:17] Carol: Yeah, so I was gonna go with Scotland cuz I feel like at one point you dated a model and I can't remember why I think that, but I thought you dated a model when you were younger, so I thought that was probably the oil of Alay spokesperson and then the Robot Wars. I know you did announcing for it and I remember you.

[00:30:37] Carol: One, I just don't know if you're getting us on years being wrong, like it was 2012, not 2013. Or like Adam said, robot wars versus like battle of the I'm like, so I'm Scotland. I think Scotland's the,

[00:30:53] Tim: So what did you say, Ben? What'd you land

[00:30:55] Ben: was gonna go through Robot Wars,

[00:30:57] Tim: Okay,

[00:30:58] Carol: we're all over the place.

[00:31:00] Tim: so, so the lie is that I lived in, no, wait, hold on. Yeah, I gotta remember the lie. I lie so much, I don't remember what's true. Um,no, it's the robot wars, so I, I. I've never competed. I was the mc at these things. So I was the guy, the hype man at several con, you know, conferences for, for several years.

[00:31:20] Tim: but I didn't actually compete with them. I, we did build one, but I never

[00:31:24] Carol: did. I remembered you building it, but I couldn't remember, and I know you like announced for them, but I was like, oh.

[00:31:31] Tim: I, so I was the, I was the hype guy. But yeah, so that's that. And. The Scotland one is true, but I didn't say Scotland. Where? It's Scotland, Georgia.

[00:31:41] Adam: Oh.

[00:31:44] Tim: So Scotland, Georgia, population, 350 people. I lived there for two entire years.

[00:31:50] Tim: It was awful. I hated living there. And Yes, indeed. My girlfriend was, was a Oil Valley spokesperson. She wasn't my girlfriend when she was on the show, went on the, on the ads. So I'm with my current wife then fiance, and we're at a Superbowl party and, she looks up and goes, is that Holly? I'm like, oh yeah, look at that She's on a Super Bowl

[00:32:12] Ben: Holly, who I don't remember.

[00:32:14] Tim: Yeah. That, she's like,

[00:32:15] Adam: doesn't cold a candle to you, honey.

[00:32:17] Tim: It was, it was not, yeah, it was not a comfortable car ride home with, with my fiance,

[00:32:22] Adam: Nice. All right, well done. So Ben, you wanna go next?

[00:32:28] Ben's Lie

[00:32:28] Ben: Sure mine are, less creative here. one, I was born two months premature. Two, I have no cavities in my adult teeth. And three, I'm allergic to penicillin.

[00:32:40] Adam: I am gonna have to go with, I have no cavities in my adult teeth. I don't think anybody has that kind of discipline.

[00:32:48] Tim: I don't know. Some of, some of our listeners were saying, yeah, they didn't have any cavities. I didn't think that was possible. But

[00:32:53] Carol: Yeah.

[00:32:53] Tim: much sugary drinks as you used to

[00:32:55] Ben: I don't drink any sugary drinks.

[00:32:57] Tim: You did. You used

[00:32:58] Ben: Never. I've never drank sugary drinks,

[00:33:00] Carol: he, drinks sugar free monsters. That's what you keep thinking of. His energy drinks. Were always sugar free though.

[00:33:06] Tim: Okay. That's what it is.

[00:33:08] Carol: And see I, when I ask you the questions, you knew a lot about premature babies and about reactions to penicillin. So I think the cavities is the lie cuz you knew about development of babies and you knew what hives were.

[00:33:23] Carol: So I'm gonna go with cavities is the lie too. We all.

[00:33:27] Tim: no, I, I'm going with premature.

[00:33:29] Carol: Oh, you went or premature? Okay.

[00:33:30] Tim: yeah,

[00:33:31] Ben: All right. It's, it's the teeth. I, I actually have more cavity than I do teeth at this point. I think I have more filling. There's like, it's like I'm more machine than I am human. I was two months premature. I was apparently tiny could fit into my dad's hand. And, fun fact, he apparently he was walking into the, The, the I C U at the, at the hospital and I had ripped off my monitors somehow and so all the

[00:33:59] Tim: You're so strong. Even then,

[00:34:02] Ben: and my dad thought I died and he just like

[00:34:04] Ben: freaked out and left the hospital without even checking on what was going on.

[00:34:08] Adam: Wow.

[00:34:08] Carol: Oh, that's heartbreaking.

[00:34:11] Ben: I lived, I lived

[00:34:13] Tim: Did you?

[00:34:17] Ben: So that, and I am, I am allergic to penicillin as far as I know. I have not, tested that in like 30 years.

[00:34:24] Carol: So you found out when you were a kid or something?

[00:34:26] Ben: Yeah. Yeah. But apparently you can grow out of it, is what I'm told.

[00:34:30] Carol: not worth trying it as long as other antibiotics work for you is what our pediatrician always told us. Cuz my oldest is allergic to it as well.

[00:34:38] Ben: Hmm. Good to know. Good to know.

[00:34:41] Adam: All right. I guess that brings us to me then.

[00:34:45] Adam's Lie

[00:34:45] Adam: All right, so number one for me was I was invited to apply for a job at the cia.

[00:34:50] Tim: I hope that one's true. I really

[00:34:52] Carol: Me too. Me too.

[00:34:53] Adam: number two is while golfing, I hit a goose in one, which just a refresher. That is when you. Hit your drive and kill a goose, unintentionally. and number three, I don't know my own blood type.

[00:35:09] Carol: So I feel like you would know your own blood type. Like we've talked about you going to the doctor and stuff. Like I feel like you would know that about yourself. Like that's something you need to know if you're gonna jump out of an airplane. Like you should like have that like across your chest like I am Oh, positive.

[00:35:24] Carol: Like, you know, something should be there. And I really hope you were invited to apply for a job at the cia. Like that could happen at college, right? Like they walk up and. Come apply to work with us. So it's possible, it's a lame story, but I feel like it's gonna be pretty good. And I just don't think you're coordinated enough to hit a goose.

[00:35:42] Carol: So, yeah.

[00:35:44] Adam: Well,

[00:35:44] Carol: if you had said I hit the, if you said I hit the goose while skydiving, I would've believed it. Yeah,

[00:35:51] Tim: I I'm going for the goose too. Goose is a lie as well, cuz I just don't see you as a golfer.

[00:35:56] Carol: right. Neither.

[00:35:57] Tim: I mean No, no offense if you are, but it's just like, you don't seem like the kind of person who, you know, wants to hit you hit 18 holes and I, I do it once a year just for a charity thing and I, I, you know, I don't really enjoy it, but yeah, unless you, maybe you're just a driving range or something, I don't know.

[00:36:10] Tim: But yeah, and I like, I, like I said, I really hope the CIA one is

[00:36:14] Carol: me too. Yeah.

[00:36:15] Tim: I'm gonna wish that into the existence.

[00:36:18] Ben: I'm gonna mix it up and I'm gonna say the CIA one is false.

[00:36:21] Adam: Okay. Well

[00:36:22] Carol: Oh, Ben.

[00:36:23] Adam: start by saying one of you is right

[00:36:25] Carol: Oh, oh. Then it has to be Ben because otherwise two of us. Oh, at least. Okay.

[00:36:31] Adam: So, the, the lie is indeed that I was invited to apply for a job at cia.

[00:36:37] Carol: Oh man,

[00:36:38] Adam: it's a lie because I was invited to apply for a job at the FBI.

[00:36:42] Ben: Aw, that's so cool.

[00:36:44] Tim: that's.

[00:36:45] Adam: Yeah.

[00:36:45] Carol: wanna hear the story.

[00:36:46] Adam: Yeah, the story, it, it's not that exciting of a story. so I am an Eagle Scout and, when I got my Eagle Scout, you can like send off and get like, you know, a, a letter of congratulations from the president. So I think I have that from like George Bush Junior or something like that.

[00:37:01] Adam: and a bunch of other

[00:37:02] Tim: is George W. Bush. He's not

[00:37:03] Adam: I'm sorry. Yes, apologies to the, the bush. and I think my parents sent off for a bunch of this stuff that you can get like official congratulations and a flag that was flown somewhere and, you know, all kinds of fun stuff. and one of the things that I received, among all of those congratulatory things for, earning my Eagle Scout rank was, an invitation to apply for a job at the FBI.

[00:37:25] Adam: I guess they figure if you get an Eagle Scout, you're pretty much a goodie two shoes. You probably got a clean record. to come work there.

[00:37:32] Ben: cool

[00:37:33] Adam: So the other two are true. I don't know, my own blood type. And, and I, I agree. I should know it and I, I should find out what it is. cuz that would just be a good thing to know.

[00:37:42] Carol: And have it stitched on your jump like suit, you know?

[00:37:45] Adam: get it tattooed on

[00:37:45] Carol: Yeah. There

[00:37:46] Tim: know what? If, if the shoe doesn't deploy and you hit, you know, you, you're probably not putting blood in you is probably not gonna fix you.

[00:37:53] Carol: Maybe he just hits a goose, you know, you dunno.

[00:37:55] Adam: Yeah.

[00:37:56] Ben: people ever hit flying birds walls, car dabbing.

[00:38:00] Adam: it has happened, but it's not that common. Like I've heard of like one, maybe two times ever

[00:38:07] Tim: suck.

[00:38:08] Adam: Um, and, and so.

[00:38:12] Tim: tell us about the goose then.

[00:38:13] Adam: Yeah, so, uh,I am not a regular golfer and in fact, at the time I did have my own clubs, but I have since sold them. And when I bought my own clubs, I literally went to Walmart and just grabbed something off the shelf. And , I had like, you know, the cheapest $80 set of golf clubs.

[00:38:26] Carol: Yeah,

[00:38:27] Tim: Yeah, sounds like my kit.

[00:38:28] Adam: Yeah. And, and I bought them because the place that I was working at the time had, like a team building thing that it was like, you know, three or four times a year they would, you know, pass around and sign up.

[00:38:39] Adam: And if you wanted to, you could, like leave at lunch. leave at, yeah, leave at like lunchtime on Friday and everybody that signed up would go and we would go play golf at a near. Golf course, and it was not a super nice golf course. And, and we chose that intentionally because it being, you know, the every Man's golf course, not a prestigious club, meant that they didn't mind that we put a couple of coolers of beer on the back of the golf cart and it was an excuse to go, you know, drink beer and hang out really

[00:39:06] Tim: the best part of golf actually.

[00:39:08] Adam: and, and oh my God, I had so many like faux PAs while playing because I was just like a, I think I was like a 22 year old kid. Like, you know when when you're 17 say, saying you're 22 sounds like you're an adult, but when you're 40, 22 is just like, I was just a we

[00:39:23] Tim: kid,

[00:39:23] Carol: It's nothing.

[00:39:25] Adam: yeah. And, so. There was a, a guy, and you know, this was a guy who definitely like, plays golf, right?

[00:39:32] Adam: Has nice clubs, wears the, the clothes and the like, cleats and stuff. And,

[00:39:36] Tim: Shooter mcg.

[00:39:37] Adam: uh,he's, he, he's setting up and I, I think we were playing against them, like we're doing like a sort of a shotgun start sort of deal. and. you know, I'm just hanging out, drinking a beer, having fun, and he's like lining up for his swing and I see somebody, I'm like, Hey, you know, John, whatever your name is.

[00:39:51] Adam: And, and it just so happened that he had like, just started his backswing and he was so mad at me for like yelling while he, and I'm like, I get it. I'm sorry. I learned from that and I never did it again. But like, chill out. Dude. This is not like a, a big deal. We're we're drinking beer on a golf course, so,

[00:40:08] Tim: good.

[00:40:09] Adam: But I did, I did hit a goose, right?

[00:40:11] Adam: So I was a terrible golfer. and, you know, I hit my drive and it, it, I guess it's sliced, right? So I'm right-handed, which means that if I slice the ball, it goes to the right, if I hook the ball, it goes to the left. I sliced and it, and it went, it stayed real low to the ground and it just kind of curved over the top of a hill.

[00:40:29] Adam: And there was like a, a water feature pond sort of deal on the other side of the. And the whole like flock of geese hanging out by the water thing. And I didn't even see it happen, right? So I just hit my drive and then I see it go over the hill and a little puff of feathers pops up above the hill,

[00:40:44] Carol: Oh no.

[00:40:46] Adam: And I walk over there.

[00:40:47] Adam: I'm like, well, okay, well where do I have to hit my, my ball from? I just figured I scared him or whatever, and there was a goose laying dead on the ground, feathers all around him.

[00:40:56] Tim: You

[00:40:56] Adam: My golf right next to my golf ball. And the, and the ball hit him in the.

[00:41:00] Ben: Oh.

[00:41:00] Tim: Wow.

[00:41:02] Ben: Oh man.

[00:41:03] Tim: the FBI wanted you.

[00:41:05] Carol: no.

[00:41:05] Adam: Well, this was, after I got my invitation to apply at the FBI. All right, so let's see. We have one winner.

[00:41:14] Carol: What?

[00:41:14] Adam: champion of

[00:41:15] Ben: Dang.

[00:41:16] Adam: and it is drum roll. Is, uh, Nathan Strutz. Congratulations.

[00:41:21] Ben: Longtime friend of the show, Nathan Struts.

[00:41:24] Adam: That's correct.

[00:41:24] Ben: Fantastic.

[00:41:26] Tim: Congratulations. I I will send you something from our Red Bubble merch store. I'll send you a little gift. I'll, I'll get your address, I'll contact you. I, I got you on, all the socials, so.

[00:41:36] Ben: Yeah, feel free to, record and send in your acceptance speech.

[00:41:39] Tim: Yeah.

[00:41:40] Adam: That would be great.

[00:41:42] Tim: that would be great. That was fun.

[00:41:45] Adam: Yeah, that was fun.

[00:41:46] Carol: Yeah.

[00:41:47] Carol: Even though we all know Adam's a murderer now.

[00:41:49] Adam: yeah, you.

[00:41:51] Tim: More like a, but.

[00:41:52] Carol: Hmm.

[00:41:52] Adam: Okay. Well, Nathan, we look forward to your acceptance speech. And in the meantime, I know we said we were gonna talk about, things that we know we should be doing, but aren't. I think we've been going long enough now that we're just gonna have to call it a night here. Cause we, we have a whole bunch of things that we wanna talk about and it would make this into like a two hour podcast.

[00:42:09] Adam: So, maybe this will be a little bit of a short one. Sorry, not sorry, but we're going to head into the after show.

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[00:43:07] Tim: From Die Hard.

[00:43:08] Adam: from Die Hard.

[00:43:09] Adam: It's been, it's been a lot of. We had a, we had a Die Hard based discussion, very brief discussion, but a discussion this week that was fun, where we decided as a group that, is it, is it three Die Hard, three is the Samuel L. Jackson, or maybe this, maybe I had this conversation with my coworkers, but Die Hard, I'm pretty sure Die Hard three with Samuel L. Jackson is, is the best, like die hard one. The original will always have a pla, a sp very special place in my heart. I watch it every year on Christmas Eve, but, Three was clearly the best. Right? We, we can agree on this,

[00:43:40] Ben: I did love three

[00:43:40] Ben: a lot.

[00:43:41] Tim: Join Discord. Tell us

[00:43:44] Adam: Okay, cool. yes. So, that's gonna do it for us this week. We'll catch you next week.

[00:43:48] Adam: And until then,

[00:43:49] Tim: Remember, your heart matters even if you're a heartless FBI Goose. Killer. Looking at you, Adam.

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