104: Alexa Make A Podcast About AI

Tim recently read that, "1 in 10 AI (Artificial Intelligence) engineers think that AI will be the downfall of our civilization." But, it's not all doom-and-gloom; he's also been reading about some exciting advances in AI and Machine Learning (ML) such as Amazon Alexa being able to come up with novel bedtime stories for kids, Cosplay stars trying out new outfits using personalized "generative art", and complex software modules being created from simple prompts.

It seems that AI/ML is advancing at a breakneck speed, leveraging a rich Venture Capital (VC) space driven by a "move fast and break things" mentality. This can be really effective at creating change; but, we're also seeing lots of AI models becoming so big and so complex that no one really understand how they work. Which is problematic when such models take on the inherently biased tendencies of their creators and moderators.

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