100: The Spicetacular!

It's hard to believe that we made it to episode 100! When we, four, started out on this journey almost two years ago, we were convinced that we'd either get sick of each other or quickly run out of topics to discuss. But, here we are, still loving it and having a great time. And, to celebrate this milestone in the most masochistic way possible, we've decided to ignite our guts and destroy our butts with a Hot Ones-inspired Spicetacular! Come for the AMA (Ask Me Anything) and stay for the schadenfreude!

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[00:00:00] Adam: be alright.

[00:00:01] Tim: Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. ?

[00:00:04] Ben: Okay. That's not so,

[00:00:05] Tim: Yep.

[00:00:06] Carol: good.

[00:00:07] Tim: That's delicious.

[00:00:09] Ben: I'm not really getting any heat on this.

[00:00:12] Tim: It's Caroline Reapers. perfect sauce for making buffalo wings

[00:00:17] Ben: Wait, it's getting worse all of a sudden.

[00:00:19] Tim: But what's funny is

[00:00:21] Ben: Oh

[00:00:22] Tim: only gets . It only it's gonna get

[00:00:24] Adam: Oh.

[00:00:25] Tim: next minutes.

[00:00:25] Adam: just like the

[00:00:26] Adam: where my throat opening is.

[00:00:28] Carol: Well,

[00:00:29] Tim: is only 60,000 scoville units,

[00:00:34] Carol: Oh God, this is awful.

[00:00:59] Intro

[00:00:59] Adam: Okay, here we go. It is show number 1 0 100 The Spectacular. And I regret everything. I quit

[00:01:10] Tim: Wow. 100 guys.

[00:01:12] Adam: I can't

[00:01:12] Carol: believe it.

[00:01:13] Adam: Thanks for coming on this journey with us. but as usual, before we get to the pain, we're gonna start with our triumphs and fails.

[00:01:19] Adam's Triumph

[00:01:19] Adam: I'm gonna go first. Um, I'm ripped roar and ready to go. My adrenaline's pumping. I think that's just to tamp down the anxiety. Um, but, uh, I've had a crap week, uh, like just totally bananas.

[00:01:32] Adam: Terrible troubleshooting stuff at work, putting out fire. So you know, how we like say there's fires at work that you have to put out. I've been saying that I'm juggling fires, like

[00:01:41] Carol: Oh, no.

[00:01:42] Adam: of week that I've had.

[00:01:44] Adam: Um, and then to top that off, I had it just on like personal stuff, not even on a, a work level.

[00:01:50] Adam: But today particularly, I had a particularly rough day. Which was, you know, Okay, fine, whatever. Um, but added to the end of the week was, was rough. Uh, but you know what, I'm calling it a triumph because despite all of that, I am super excited. I'm in a great mood because I'm here, we're at episode a hundred.

[00:02:08] Adam: I'm with my friends and this is gonna

[00:02:10] Ben: Heck yeah.

[00:02:12] Carol: I am glad that we are like the highlight to your week.

[00:02:16] Carol: It makes me feel good cuz there are weeks that I'm like, Oh, I just can't do the podcast right now. Like, I'm just burnt out. Like work's been hell. But then I'm like, Oh, I get to go hang out with my friends, so I'm gonna go do this. And I always end up happy, right?

[00:02:29] Carol: Like after I do it, I'm like, Oh, I'm good I'm good now.

[00:02:31] Ben: Yeah,

[00:02:32] Ben: absolutely. I always have to take some extra PMs to get to sleep after this.

[00:02:36] Adam: so that's gonna do it for me. Uh, Ben, how about you, Ben?

[00:02:39] Ben: I'm gonna go with

[00:02:40] Ben's Triumph

[00:02:40] Ben: the triumph, and that is that I actually just finished today building the most requested feature in the history of our company, which is gonna sound terrifying when I tell you what it is. It is the ability for users to delete their own accounts,

[00:02:56] Ben: which is, you know, 10 years into the product finally pulling that one out of the bag. but I'm, I'm excited about it. It has, it has something like, 8,000 tickets associated with it in

[00:03:08] Ben: Zenes. Like that, many customers have asked for us to build it. And it was

[00:03:12] Ben: just one of those things where it was just never the, uh, top of, uh, the, the priority funnel in terms

[00:03:18] Adam: That can't feel good. 8,000 customers like can you build a feature so I can delete my.

[00:03:23] Tim: No, all your, all your data are belong to us.

[00:03:28] Ben: Um, but to even, to make it more exciting, when they first came to me and said, Can you build this? I said It would probably take at best a month and at worst, like three months, just cuz there was just so much complexity and moving parts. But um, I was able to leverage some of the internal tooling so you can delete your account, but you always had to do it through a support ticket.

[00:03:49] Ben: And the support team has some tooling that allows us to do it. So basically what I had to do was take. Uh, existing stuff, refactor it to make it more, uh, efficient and then build on a, a secure way for users to sort of integrate with it using, uh, some, some identity verification. Um, but I did it in, uh, I think I started on like the, the, the 12th.

[00:04:14] Ben: I don't know. So, you know, you know, I, my best case scenario was a month and I did it in, in, uh, 15 days or something. So I'm pretty excited

[00:04:21] Carol: Heck yeah.

[00:04:23] Adam: Impressive. So was this the thing that you were talking about cascading deletes before?

[00:04:27] Ben: Yeah, yeah, yeah. There, I mean, there's still, like, the code under the hood is not beautiful and, um, and ultimately because it has to delete so much stuff, there's, it, it can go wrong. And in that case,

[00:04:39] Ben: uh, the support team, well the support team, it, so it does it in two phases. The, it does like this initial delete where it, it, it quote unquote detaches a lot of the data from the user's. So that no one can find it anymore. And then in a background thread, it starts processing, it starts deleting all that other detached data. So some of that stuff can break and in that case, support will have to go in and essentially restart the, uh, the the deletion process. But it'll all get done. Like it, it all gets tracked.

[00:05:09] Ben: But, um, I dunno. I was pretty, I was pretty proud of it. Pretty proud of coming under the, uh, under the wire there. So,

[00:05:15] Ben: big triumph on.

[00:05:16] Carol: Yeah. Good.

[00:05:17] Ben: uh, Carol, what about you? What do you got going on

[00:05:21] Carol's Triumph

[00:05:21] Carol: Oh, I'm gonna go with a giant win. so it's all personal, nothing work related. Uh, last weekend my son had his first official competition. It's a senior year, so they came in second place,

[00:05:31] Carol: which is just Mrs. Band. Yeah. Oh, he's a nerd. I only raise nerds in this house, so let's be clear on that. He is competing with the band and I'm so proud of him.

[00:05:41] Carol: But they came in second, um, went to their big county wide show last night, or Tuesday night. Tuesday night. And, um, they sound amazing. You can tell that they've got the passion in them, and I, I hope that this Saturday when he competes for his last time, because he's a senior, that they'll bring home first place.

[00:06:00] Carol: But either way, the show's great. He's happy. Um, we get to celebrate him being a senior tomorrow night at the football game and then Saturday's his final competition. So it's just a good week in the house to be celebrating family. Yeah, I'm happy, really happy.

[00:06:15] Tim: Yeah. HoCo has got a

[00:06:15] Carol: Go Bears. Yeah. I mean, we're marching like 260 kids, so that's a big band.

[00:06:21] Carol: When you consider, you know, I grew up with 90 kids in my whole class,

[00:06:24] Tim: Yeah.

[00:06:25] Carol: so,

[00:06:26] Tim: Awesome.

[00:06:27] Carol: Yeah.

[00:06:27] Adam: instrument does he play?

[00:06:29] Carol: Uh, he plays the tuba and marches the s phone. the big one, the giant

[00:06:34] Tim: a

[00:06:34] Carol: over your head.

[00:06:35] Carol: Yeah. A phone. Yeah. It's the, When you

[00:06:38] Adam: It's not real. It's a Dr. Seuss made up

[00:06:41] Carol: Oh, Oh, damn it. Oh wait, you really, Are or are you

[00:06:45] Carol: making a, Oh, ok. this was joke

[00:06:47] Tim: No, I have no idea what a s is.

[00:06:50] Carol: It's the one that you see the guys in gals marching with that have the big giant over the top of their head. It's like a big circle and they

[00:06:57] Tim: It's like a It's like a larger tuba.

[00:07:00] Ben: Yeah.

[00:07:01] Ben: I

[00:07:01] Carol: a marching

[00:07:01] Carol: tuba Yeah. Yeah. Tuba. Tuba. The contra you hold like this, it looks like a tuba.

[00:07:06] Carol: Tuba. You hold on your laugh when you play, and then s phone wraps around your whole body and goes above your head in a

[00:07:11] Carol: big giant

[00:07:12] Ben: Ah.

[00:07:12] Tim: a big guy.

[00:07:14] Carol: Yeah. Yeah. So they sound really good. I'm so proud of him.

[00:07:17] Tim: That's awesome.

[00:07:18] Carol: Yeah. But that's it. That's me. Yeah. Well, you got Tim.

[00:07:22] Tim: Got a couple things, uh, and win. So, hey, hundredth episode, we're all winning.

[00:07:28] Tim: That's awesome.

[00:07:29] Adam: not even planned.

[00:07:30] Tim's Triumph

[00:07:30] Tim: Yep. So I mentioned last week we're doing our first real pay cloud io, uh, Strat Sessions, you know, with the vision of we're, you know, we're gonna be a separate, um, vbu or a separate company, um, inside of our big parent company, and they're going extremely well.

[00:07:50] Tim: Um, I think one of the things I've taken away from it is we do have some communication issues just because it's like we're kind of a small team and I'm not a micromanager. I don't believe in, in like having to know exactly what you're doing every day. And so some of the feedback was we need to have better communication.

[00:08:06] Tim: But honestly, this whole stretch system is driving. Better communication. So everyone is getting on board. What's our plan for next year? Everyone's getting goals and, you know, KPIs to say, you know, how are we gonna achieve what we need to achieve next year? And that will kind of drive, um, more conversations throughout the year so we have better communication cuz everyone's been a part of this, so let's go extremely well. And then the other thing on personal front, kind of Carol, same as you. So I can now say that both my children have completely outperformed me in their high

[00:08:37] Ben: Yeah,

[00:08:37] Tim: career.

[00:08:39] Carol: Hell

[00:08:39] Carol: yeah.

[00:08:40] Tim: That's what you want as a parent, right? You

[00:08:41] Tim: want, you

[00:08:41] Tim: want, you

[00:08:42] Tim: want the next generation to be better than you. And my son, you know, I've raved on him in the past shows I, I won't

[00:08:48] Adam: Ride

[00:08:48] Adam: his coattails.

[00:08:49] Tim: gag you with Yeah.

[00:08:50] Tim: Writing his code. So my daughter today was in, um, so in, when I was in high school, you know, I was a nerd, but I was also kind of like an actor, like, kind of like artsy stuff. So

[00:09:01] Tim: I was in

[00:09:01] Adam: You said nerd

[00:09:02] Tim: Exactly. Competitive one act. Uh, so if you don't know what that is, so that is you do a, it's a, it's a one act play that you do under 60 minutes and you compete against other schools for like, you know, the best performance. And, and she's actually went to the exec. So I, I would go to a different school than she's going to now, but we actually went to the same, uh, high school for these performances and they, they're called Mary Persons. They always win. Uh, and they won this time, but like

[00:09:30] Tim: when I, Yeah, Mary pers Yeah, they have

[00:09:33] Carol: They're So,

[00:09:33] Carol: good. So,

[00:09:34] Tim: So she came home today and they actually placed, it was third place, but that's actually really good. First time that or the Peach County school's ever placed. But she personally got called out for best actor. In the entire, in the entire competition. Cuz she was

[00:09:50] Tim: the lead. She was the lead

[00:09:51] Tim: character. So Lilly,

[00:09:52] Carol: Aww.

[00:09:53] Tim: killed it, Lil

[00:09:54] Tim: killed it. So my son beat me in his scholastic endeavors. Being in valedictorian, my daughter beat me, my artistic endeavors. And she's also number one in her class for grades. So she will probably

[00:10:06] Tim: also be the valedictorian.

[00:10:08] Tim: So I got two incredibly smart, talented kids and I'm

[00:10:11] Tim: extremely proud. you know what, you're at the kinda the beginning of your journey with mine. Mine are

[00:10:18] Tim: almost cooked, so sorry.

[00:10:20] Tim: I I I'm sure they're great kids, but

[00:10:23] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[00:10:23] Adam: you raised great kids, so I'm hoping that like whatever you did can, can rub off and, and uh,

[00:10:28] Tim: Yeah.

[00:10:29] Adam: you know, get mine to a better place cuz I'm not doing as good a job as you.

[00:10:34] Carol: Hey, there were days. There were days mine came home and I was like, You don't live here anymore. Go find a new home. I'm done raising you.

[00:10:41] Tim: Yeah.

[00:10:41] Tim: you're

[00:10:42] Carol: handle this.

[00:10:43] Tim: going through the hard part right now that

[00:10:44] Carol: Yeah, it does. They love you again one day. Don't

[00:10:48] Tim: Yeah. And then they hate you again. And then they

[00:10:50] Carol: Yeah.

[00:10:52] The Sauces

[00:10:52] Tim: All right. What's our topic tonight?

[00:10:54] Adam: So the topic for tonight is nothing. We're, we're done. Uh, great episode. Your heart matters. Thanks for coming.

[00:11:00] Tim: You can't get off that easy.

[00:11:03] Adam: Oh, it's this thing. We're gonna, we're gonna eat some spicy food here. We got a bunch of questions from listeners, and Tim is gonna empty this whole thing because he's our resident spice Lord. Um, so he won't be as perturbed by these things as the rest of us.

[00:11:20] Tim: And now, hey, I'm not saying I'm not gonna have moments where I have to take a minute, right? might have to take a

[00:11:26] Carol: I'm so excited.

[00:11:27] Tim: right? So you guys ready for ready to get going?

[00:11:31] Carol: Yeah. Can we say thank you to Sean? Didn't he send us some of

[00:11:34] Adam: he did and we

[00:11:35] Carol: awesome flavors?

[00:11:37] Tim: Yeah.

[00:11:37] Ben: you so

[00:11:37] Carol: Yeah. I love the bottles. I love the, My favorite was Carol. I love that I have my own sauce. I won't say that the rest of the guys also got their own sauce. I'm just gonna say there was definitely one named Carol and it looked kind of ginger like, so I really liked it.

[00:11:50] Carol: Yeah,

[00:11:50] Adam: I didn't even pick up

[00:11:51] Carol: orangey. It's very

[00:11:52] Carol: orangey.

[00:11:53] Adam: It is the

[00:11:54] Tim: yeah.

[00:11:55] Tim: It's, it will steal our soul. Yeah. No, thank you. Sean Oden, aka Papa Bear for, for sending these. Um, I have, I have not tasted them.

[00:12:04] Tim: I have not. I wanted to be surprised. He recommended that I do. Uh, but I'm not tasting. He gave us kind of the line, So he sent us six hot sauces.

[00:12:13] Tim: Three

[00:12:13] Tim: of them. He made himself, um, I think two, No, three. yeah,

[00:12:19] Adam: into the.

[00:12:20] Tim: three and three. I can math. Um, three of them are purchased, uh, the hotter ones. And then I have two sauces that I, one that I made. And the other is the, uh, dreaded de bomb. If you hipper

[00:12:34] Tim: watched.

[00:12:35] Adam: insanity

[00:12:36] Tim: Yeah. Beyond Insanity. If you ever watched Hot Ones on YouTube, uh, the Bomb is kind of the one that that really kind of sets the bar

[00:12:43] Ben: Wh where, where do you even get a bottle? This tiny, This looks like, uh,

[00:12:47] Ben: something you should get, uh, cocaine in or something. Yeah.

[00:12:50] Tim: I, I, I don't How

[00:12:51] Tim: would you, I just wanna know how you know about that. Ben

[00:12:54] Ben: I watch a lot of law notices, sir.

[00:12:56] Tim: I got

[00:12:56] Tim: it on it

[00:12:57] Tim: Got it. On Amazon yet?

[00:12:59] Adam: I saw this, my, my immediate reaction was like, okay, the smaller the package, the more dangerous it is. Especially when you're talking about like hot sauce

[00:13:06] Adam: or like, uh

[00:13:07] Tim: Yes. I realize it's not, it's not gonna take, it's not gonna take much to, um, spice you up

[00:13:13] Adam: yeah, and I'm not gonna wanna keep it around

[00:13:16] Carol: before we start, let me just say, my husband got the package out of the mail that you sent him and he didn't know what was coming to our house. So he opens it up and all he sees is Sly pig and bomb. And he goes, Oh, fudge what? Just came in our mail and immediately Googles your address and is like, Are you expecting a package that might be labeled bomb?

[00:13:39] Carol: And I'm like, I don't know. I don't. So I was like, Oh, it's probably hot sauce.

[00:13:45] Tim: That's

[00:13:45] Tim: funny. Yeah, I didn't think so. Does anyone get the sly pig reference?

[00:13:50] Carol: no

[00:13:50] Adam: It, it sounds familiar to me.

[00:13:53] Carol: Cunningham.

[00:13:55] Carol: Oh, that's a sly pig.

[00:13:58] Adam: Okay.

[00:13:59] Carol: Oh,

[00:13:59] Adam: Oh, you know what, I think I was thinking of Life

[00:14:01] Carol: big brain

[00:14:02] Adam: brewery.

[00:14:03] Tim: Yeah,

[00:14:03] Tim: no slide

[00:14:04] Adam: Yeah. No, that's

[00:14:05] Adam: good.

[00:14:05] Adam: I like

[00:14:05] Carol: bacon. I like witty bacon. Yeah.

[00:14:09] Sauce 1: Ben

[00:14:09] Tim: All right, so let's get into this. I'm, the

[00:14:11] Carol: All right,

[00:14:12] Tim: is going be for Adam.

[00:14:14] Ben: which that should we be applying? Hot sauce.

[00:14:16] Tim: Yeah.

[00:14:17] Carol: We're

[00:14:17] Tim: So, so, so we're eating Ben for, Actually you know what, I'm gonna save that cuz that's it. I'll say let's do a different one. I'm first one. Be for Ben cuz this is your sauce. We'll do that one first.

[00:14:26] Adam: Okay.

[00:14:27] Adam: I already applied the sauce and I've been smelling it this whole time and I got a little on my finger. I looked. It tastes really good.

[00:14:32] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[00:14:33] Tim: All right. So I'm gonna ask you a high school question. So everyone, everyone, apply a little sauce here

[00:14:40] Carol: or lot?

[00:14:41] Tim: or a lot?

[00:14:43] Adam: I'm all sauced up.

[00:14:45] Ben: All right. My eyes aren't watering too much. It.

[00:14:50] Tim: So everybody.

[00:14:51] Tim: everybody.

[00:14:52] Carol: Oh, Sean, this one smells great,

[00:14:53] Carol: by the

[00:14:53] Carol: way.

[00:14:54] Tim: smell good. Sean.

[00:14:55] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[00:14:57] Tim: All right. All

[00:14:58] Carol: we ready?

[00:14:58] Tim: Yeah, we're ready.

[00:14:59] Carol: This is awkward eating on camera.

[00:15:02] Adam: be alright.

[00:15:05] Tim: Mm-hmm. ? Mm-hmm. ?

[00:15:08] Ben: Okay. That's not so,

[00:15:09] Tim: Yep.

[00:15:10] Carol: good.

[00:15:11] Tim: So Sean

[00:15:12] Tim: was, Sean was kind to you.

[00:15:14] Tim: This is basically, uh, fermented bell peppers. Which have zeros global units, although he did add some, he did add some garlic and some onions. So maybe two

[00:15:25] Ben: Yeah. Yeah, there's a little heat. I don't wanna undersell it.

[00:15:30] Carol: Oh god. Pin's gonna die. You

[00:15:32] Carol: guys. This

[00:15:33] Carol: is like a

[00:15:33] Ben: No, no, no. It was like, it was just a little bit, It's a little bit, just a

[00:15:37] Carol: Hmm.

[00:15:37] Tim: I mean it's, but it's,

[00:15:38] Tim: tasty.

[00:15:39] Carol: It's yu

[00:15:40] Adam: this is what I'm gonna be keeping.

[00:15:42] Tim: Yeah. So just to let you know how this is, So Sean and I have make hot sauce the same way. Um, you take peppers and um, you like 2% salt. You had 2% salt by weight and just kind of ferment them. He does it for three weeks. Mine I do for a year just because I have a huge backlog of

[00:16:00] Tim: hot sauces that I make. Um, so mine are a lot more sour, but yeah, that's really good. Thank you, Sean. So here's your question, man.

[00:16:07] Ben: Yep.

[00:16:08] Which Co-hosts Would You Be Friends With In High School?

[00:16:08] Tim: If you knew your co-host in high schools, which ones would have been in your friend group and who would've been your neme?

[00:16:14] Carol: Oh, do you have to pick a nemesis? You have to, right?

[00:16:18] Tim: I, mean

[00:16:19] Ben: I,

[00:16:20] Tim: in relative, you know, like maybe your

[00:16:22] Tim: nemesis is kinda your friend of me, but

[00:16:24] Carol: Yeah.

[00:16:25] Ben: oh man. I don't know. I saw, I've never been a person who had a lot of friends. I always, I always had like a

[00:16:29] Carol: Oh.

[00:16:30] Ben: group. Um, I feel like Adam and I would've been friends. I. Tim would've been in the, the cooler crowd, the more outgoing crowd. I, I was always like a little bit more, you know, at the other end of the

[00:16:43] Adam: Ben and I would've been in like math club

[00:16:46] Ben: Yeah, I just pictured Tim in his three piece suit in high school,

[00:16:52] Tim: I did sometimes wear suits.

[00:16:55] Ben: and, uh, Carol and I, I think, I don't know, I didn't really have a lot of female friends, honestly, until, until

[00:17:01] Adam: never

[00:17:03] Ben: and then I had all my wife's friends.

[00:17:05] Adam: Yeah.

[00:17:07] Carol: I would've intimidated you.

[00:17:08] Carol: I was very tall in high school.

[00:17:10] Ben: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:17:11] Carol: Yeah.

[00:17:12] Tim: I was the guy in high school pretty much everywhere I was. I knew everyone. It was a small school, so it wasn't hard, but I was like, pretty much everyone's friend. And growing up in the south, it was kind of somewhat sils segregated, honestly. Um, but it's like I was the only person that was like, How is it you got Fri, you know, got friends from every race.

[00:17:29] Tim: I'm like, I don't know. I just like people. I just hung up with everyone. So I don't, I I probably would've known you and probably would've intimidated you a little bit. Ben, you guys are like, Why is this dude chat talk? Why is he talking to me?

[00:17:43] Ben: Although I will, I will say that I was my sixth grade class president, uh, which was

[00:17:48] Ben: my one brush with politics, and, uh,

[00:17:52] Tim: Well that's

[00:17:52] Tim: funny. I,

[00:17:52] Tim: was my sixth grade class, I wasn't even there. They voted for me. I was out sick that week and they voted. I'm a got back to school

[00:18:00] Tim: and they're like, Hey, by the way, you just got voted class president. I'm like, What?

[00:18:03] Adam: you were the Mickey Mouse vote. The joke

[00:18:07] Adam: right in.

[00:18:08] Tim: All right. We

[00:18:08] Sauce 2: Carol

[00:18:08] Tim: wanna

[00:18:09] Adam: right, so we move to the next wing. Yeah, let's

[00:18:10] Tim: So we're, we're, we're, uh,

[00:18:12] Tim: Carol is the next wing,

[00:18:14] Adam: I'm sassing now. Oh, it smells really good. Smells kind of orangey

[00:18:20] Tim: mm-hmm.

[00:18:22] Carol: Not gonna lie guys, I kind of broke that bottle playing with the dog today. I threw her toy at the bar. Actually I threw it at the other room, but it totally went into the kitchen, hit the bar and it shattered that bottle. So I did lick some off the, off the counter and it was

[00:18:37] Carol: very good. No, no, I took the clean part.

[00:18:40] Carol: It was delicious. So I'm eating Ben again. and the most

[00:18:46] Carol: pos.

[00:18:46] Adam: so, So you didn't save any, you weren't able to save any of it.

[00:18:50] Carol: I couldn't, cuz there was a bunch of little glass

[00:18:52] Carol: shards in it. and I didn't wanna risk like eating it and dying later.

[00:18:56] Carol: So.

[00:18:57] Adam: Yeah. That makes perfect.

[00:18:59] Tim: Okay.

[00:19:00] Ben: smells a little hotter.

[00:19:01] Tim: Yeah. This is a little hard. let's hold on. Gotta eat her sauce wing first.

[00:19:05] Carol: Oh, we gotta bite it. Uh

[00:19:07] Tim: 2, 3.

[00:19:08] Carol: mm-hmm. It tastes just like the last one.

[00:19:14] Tim: It's,

[00:19:14] Adam: Hmm.

[00:19:15] Carol: Cause I had the

[00:19:16] Carol: same

[00:19:16] Carol: sauce, Tim.

[00:19:17] Adam: That's really

[00:19:18] Adam: sweet.

[00:19:19] Ben: so bad. It smells hotter than it

[00:19:21] Tim: Sean's being kind to us. He, he really

[00:19:23] Adam: back of the tongue, back of the.

[00:19:26] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[00:19:26] Tim: Yep.

[00:19:27] Carol: I look like I have bite, but I don't

[00:19:31] Tim: Yep. So yeah. So this one, let's see. He gives us a little background. So Carol is a mix of two peppers, minus the habanero. Um, so bell peppers and red peppers by red

[00:19:46] Tim: peppers. I, I think they're kinda like Tabasco peppers, so kind of a Tabasco sauce. Little

[00:19:50] Tim: tangy. He says Decent heat. I don't taste. It tastes like ketchup to me, but,

[00:19:55] Adam: For the record, I'm going back for

[00:19:56] Carol: pepper. He said, Greg, Cayenne

[00:19:58] Carol: pepper, Tim.

[00:19:59] What Qualities Would You Steal From Your Co-hosts?

[00:19:59] Tim: Okay. All right. So Carol, if

[00:20:03] Tim: you could steal a quality from each of your co-hosts slash hostesses and make it your own, what quality would that be and why?

[00:20:10] Carol: Mm.

[00:20:11] Ben: questions are so

[00:20:12] Tim: right?

[00:20:13] Carol: right? I need to like floss my teeth. Um,

[00:20:16] Adam: I floss every day. You could steal

[00:20:18] Carol: mm, I would, I would still bend empathy and passion because his heart is just so big. Right. And

[00:20:27] Carol: I fail to be empathetic, empathetic to people at times. And I feel like Ben is really good at that. Um, Tim, I would take your charisma. You are just, um,

[00:20:37] Carol: so positive and so energetic.

[00:20:39] Carol: I love it. And, uh, Adam, I want your ability to just have a conversation with anyone and make it work. You can just spark up a conversation and get people talking even if you don't know 'em or know anything about them. And that's, that's pretty impressive.

[00:20:52] Carol: those are mine.

[00:20:55] Tim: Kara, I would take your tenacity.

[00:20:59] Carol: Yeah,

[00:20:59] Carol: I

[00:20:59] Carol: got that for sure.

[00:21:00] Tim: been, you've been through some stuff, man, and

[00:21:02] Tim: you just, you just keep

[00:21:03] Tim: overcoming it.

[00:21:04] Tim: I mean,

[00:21:06] Carol: I don't quit.

[00:21:06] Tim: you don't quit.

[00:21:07] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[00:21:08] Tim: I would take Ben's, I would take Ben's ability to use really big programming terms to explain something, even when he is

[00:21:17] Tim: wrong. He sounds really good.

[00:21:20] Adam: Uh, I would take Ben's dedication to going to the.

[00:21:24] Carol: Yeah. Or working out? Yeah. Cause he works

[00:21:27] Carol: out at home, right?

[00:21:28] Tim: home,

[00:21:29] Ben: Yeah.

[00:21:29] Ben: Yeah. Although I go to Planet Fitness on the weekends, try to

[00:21:33] Ben: rub elbows with the, uh, common folk,

[00:21:38] Adam: Give him something to strive for.

[00:21:41] Tim: and I would take your memory, Adam, you seem to have a really good memory for

[00:21:44] Tim: stuff. You can name stuff, you

[00:21:45] Carol: everything. Mm-hmm.

[00:21:46] Tim: top of your head. I gotta Google

[00:21:48] Carol: Mm-hmm. I know Ben will be talking about a podcast he listened to and Adam like rambles off the name of who's on it, what episode it was, and

[00:21:57] Carol: yeah,

[00:21:58] Adam: was one time because I had heard it earlier the same day,

[00:22:01] Carol: they don't know that.

[00:22:05] Tim: That's funny.

[00:22:07] Carol: That's a good question. I really

[00:22:08] Tim: It was a good question. You want,

[00:22:09] Tim: I mean, we're kind of going through this a little fast. Maybe it's because we haven't hit any actual hot sauce yet. You wanna, Anyone want another question?

[00:22:17] Carol: sure. Yeah. Throw one out

[00:22:18] Would You Use Assembly Language Just For Fun?

[00:22:18] Carol: so we.

[00:22:19] Tim: let's do one for all of us. Um, okay, here's a funny one. Would you consider using assembly language for web development just for fun?

[00:22:26] Adam: No

[00:22:27] Ben: never.

[00:22:30] Adam: Maybe when I was like, uh, 20, but that was 20 years ago.

[00:22:37] Tim: Yeah.

[00:22:37] Adam: I've got better things to do with my time. That was back in the, the, the phase of my life where I had more, way more time than I had money. And now it's like the other way around. And time is like my most valuable.

[00:22:49] Tim: Well, I, I do remember there was a, I mean, I'm old enough that there was a time when you actually did have to do no little assembly language to get stuff done. and yeah. And it was, it was not fun. Not fun at all. I'm glad we don't have to do it anymore. It's, it's stupid that we ever had, I mean, when, when your processors are, you know, basically I could run a calculator, you have to like, go to the assembly language.

[00:23:12] Tim: So yeah, I, I definitely would, wouldn't try to do web development, try to do CSS and assembly language. Shoot me.

[00:23:19] Carol: Pass

[00:23:20] Ben: I will say I, I took an assembly language class and the teacher who taught it was probably the happiest teacher I've ever had in my entire life. He just had this huge kind of goofy smile all the time and he was so excited to talk about the, the machine code and like optimizing the order of the, of the commands so that you, I don't know what I'm really saying, but like apparently there's some commands that require a no op cuz they take like two cycles of the CPU or something.

[00:23:49] Ben: I don't

[00:23:49] Ben: really know. So you can like reorder things to put stuff inside the no op. Yeah.

[00:23:54] Ben: And he was so excited to talk about this stuff and I didn't really understand any of It

[00:23:58] Adam: It sounds like a professor. I would've really enjoyed taking their class though.

[00:24:02] Ben: Oh yeah. Oh no, he was great

[00:24:05] Carol:

[00:24:05] Carol: Yeah. My son was trying to explain it to me, and I'm like, I don't know why you would even do that. Just go back to what you were learning on your own, I suppose.

[00:24:12] Adam: What's wrong

[00:24:13] Carol: for trying.

[00:24:15] Adam: Just use JavaScript.

[00:24:16] Carol: No

[00:24:17] Tim: All right, we're

[00:24:18] Tim: moving on to the Adam sauce. So, I, I, So Sean feels a little provoked by me saying that it's not hot sauce yet, and he's like, Oh, it's coming. So

[00:24:26] Carol: Is Adam hot?

[00:24:27] Tim: Adam,

[00:24:29] Carol: Adam?

[00:24:29] Carol: Adam,

[00:24:30] Adam: you're, you're talking about the sauce though, right?

[00:24:31] Tim: Yeah.

[00:24:32] Carol: Yeah. Yeah. I think you're hot.

[00:24:33] Tim: Yeah, I think you're gonna be, I think this is gonna put a little hair on your chest,

[00:24:37] Tim: so, uh,

[00:24:37] Adam: could use a little more. Winter is coming.

[00:24:40] Carol: Winter is coming.

[00:24:43] Carol: Woo

[00:24:44] Adam: That was a slow burn on that.

[00:24:46] Carol: hmm. Okay, got it.

[00:24:49] Adam: Okay. There's a little bit of immediate heat on that one. Mm,

[00:24:58] Adam: mm-hmm.

[00:25:01] Tim: No, I'm, I'm not tasting

[00:25:04] Carol: Um-mm.

[00:25:05] Carol: I added more

[00:25:06] Adam: Yeah, no, it's not painful,

[00:25:09] Adam: but if there was an immediate like tingle

[00:25:11] Tim: Mm-hmm.So since it's

[00:25:14] Tim: the Adams, since it's the Adams sauce, Well, hold on. I'll tell you what it is first.

[00:25:19] Tim: Um, Adam, I made some red peppers. I think they may have been Tabasco peppers hotter than jalapeno, not quite cayenne, and some habanero flakes. So those flakes are probably what you're feeling.

[00:25:30] Ben: My nose is starting to

[00:25:31] Tim: There you go. I made some from my former bosses, peppers, grown his garden. I also make a barbecue rub out of those. And some brown sugar

[00:25:39] Carol: Oh,

[00:25:39] Tim: a little, meant to add a little bit of that. Uh, but I forgot, Uh, epi maybe episode 200. If I don't, if you don't want to kill me after this,

[00:25:49] Carol: Oh, I just got sauce on my.

[00:25:50] Tim: uh, oh.

[00:25:51] Carol: Oh,

[00:25:52] Tim: Carol's licking her arm.

[00:25:55] Carol: Well, I hads down it

[00:25:57] Carol: It's

[00:25:57] Adam: You almost got it

[00:25:58] Adam: on your, It was really close to your elbow, and then I just couldn't, because there's that whole thing. You can't lick your own elbow. just,

[00:26:04] Carol: Bri. Pretty close.

[00:26:07] How Did Adam Choose The Hosts?

[00:26:07] Tim: All right, Adam, here's, So here's, here's a question directly for Adam. Um, I understand the podcast was your idea. How did you decide on who you wanted to be your co-hosts? Besides the obvious fact that Carol had been, are amazing and Tim? Well, Tim adds a certain spicy flavor to the mix, I guess referring to this episode, was there

[00:26:28] Tim: anyone you invited and they declined?

[00:26:30] Tim: You don't need to name names.

[00:26:32] Adam: that's a very good question cuz I think that the cast of a podcast makes a huge difference, right? You need energy, you

[00:26:38] Adam: need, you need a, a variety of vocal pitches, right? You don't, you don't want everybody to be in the same range. Otherwise, it's gonna be really confusing to tell people apart. Um, so while those things did come into play, um, ultimately you guys were the ones that, uh, said yes, , um, not that I asked a hundred people, but, um, I, there were a couple of people along the way, I don't think I emailed the three of you together and said, Hey, do you wanna do a podcast?

[00:27:11] Adam: I think it was like, Okay, well, who. Who do I want to do this with? And I think Carol was probably the first one that came to mind and I asked her

[00:27:19] Carol: was the first person you asked, or that's what you told me.

[00:27:22] Carol: I mean, I

[00:27:23] Carol: don't know. Really? Yeah.

[00:27:24] Tim: same thing.

[00:27:26] Carol: Adam, I felt cheated on.

[00:27:29] Adam: Um, and, and then there were, there were a couple of people that I asked that, that declined, um, for a variety of different reasons, but that's okay. I think, uh, I think we all luck out in the end. This is a good

[00:27:41] Carol: I think so. Yeah.

[00:27:42] Ben: Yeah,

[00:27:43] Ben: it feels very harmonious. And when one of us isn't here, no pressure. Uh, it definitely the, I feel like the show has a very different vibe when we, when we're missing someone.

[00:27:52] Carol: agree. I will say Adam and I had talked about the podcast or doing a podcast at the last CF objective. Um, it was something we had discussed, like, Oh, this could be fun, Like as a way to kind of, you know, get together. But then we didn't really ever do anything with it.

[00:28:07] Carol: And then Covid was coming around. Was this, wait, was this

[00:28:10] Tim: Yeah, it was Covid

[00:28:11] Tim: It was

[00:28:11] Tim: Covid,

[00:28:12] Tim: Well, no, the, The conference was pre Covid. Right. But I

[00:28:14] Carol: yeah, Yeah.

[00:28:15] Tim: us was Covid.

[00:28:16] Carol: Covid. Yeah.

[00:28:17] Carol: Yeah. It was good. Yeah.

[00:28:19] Adam: Yeah, I've been bouncing around the idea for this podcast in my own head and in various Google Docs for like five to 10 years.

[00:28:26] Adam: Um, and, uh, just like it started as like, okay, if I was ever gonna start a podcast, what would I want it to be about? And, you know, what sort of format would it have and, and who would I want on it sort of thing.

[00:28:39] Adam: And, um, you know, over the years I would be listening to different podcasts and things would give me different ideas. Like the Triumphs and Fails came from a parenting podcast that I like. And they don't, They don't,

[00:28:51] Adam: Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, just pulling different things that I like and, and reshaping them to our format.

[00:28:57] Adam: So, that was a good

[00:28:59] Tim: Very cool. Yeah, sure.

[00:29:00] Adam: Always.

[00:29:01] Carol: Beer back.

[00:29:02] Tim: Yeah.

[00:29:02] Tim: Beer's actually probably alcohol is probably the best thing to kill heat

[00:29:07] Adam: now

[00:29:07] Adam: you tell

[00:29:08] Adam: me now that the beer store is closed.

[00:29:09] Tim: caps and capin is, is, uh, oil based, not water, soil.

[00:29:14] Tim: So

[00:29:16] Ben: Hmm,

[00:29:17] Ben: Hmm.

[00:29:18] Tim: I believe that's true. I've read that somewhere.

[00:29:21] Tim: Oh. So, uh, uh, some of our listeners are asking, what's the scovilles on that last one? The Adam, um, according to what Sean told me, 30,000. So that's pretty,

[00:29:32] Tim: I mean, that's like maybe Texas, Pete.

[00:29:34] Adam: Right now that was very tolerable. Like I could, I could sit down and eat a whole bowl of wings with that on it. Not, but it was, there was a little bit of heat to it.

[00:29:42] Tim: Yeah.

[00:29:43] Carol: He said that had, uh, what? Pepper Tabasco, Isn't that right?

[00:29:47] Carol: Is that what

[00:29:47] Carol: you

[00:29:47] Carol: said? Uh,

[00:29:50] Adam: so that one is, I, I'm still getting a slow burn on the, the front of my

[00:29:52] Adam: tongue.

[00:29:53] Ben: Yeah. I still feel

[00:29:54] Ben: it.

[00:29:54] Tim: I feel I, I'm feel a little bit on the front of my lips,

[00:29:57] Adam: I, I, went a little heavy with a chapstick before we started

[00:30:00] Adam: cheating.

[00:30:02] Tim: that's probably a good

[00:30:03] Carol: Tabasco's are something we grew up with a lot as a kid. When we would have cornbread,

[00:30:06] Tim: Mm-hmm.

[00:30:07] Carol: had tabasco's in it.

[00:30:10] Sauce 3: Danger Close

[00:30:10] Tim: All right, let's move on to the next one. Uh, this is,

[00:30:15] Adam: Danger

[00:30:15] Tim: uh, danger close. So this one, I think we're starting to really get into the work here

[00:30:22] Adam: Now we're into the small bottles.

[00:30:24] Tim: Yep. Yep. This question is actually be for all of us,

[00:30:27] Tim: so everybody ready?

[00:30:29] Carol: Getting there. Yep. Almost

[00:30:30] Adam: ask it.

[00:30:31] Tim: pouring. This is very liquid, so it will go everywhere.

[00:30:34] Carol: Oh. As it poured all over my plate.

[00:30:37] Tim: Yeah,

[00:30:38] Carol: And we have to wipe my plate off for this one.

[00:30:41] Tim: guys. ready

[00:30:42] Carol: Yeah.

[00:30:42] Tim: 1, 2,

[00:30:43] Adam: not ready with the chicken yet. Go ahead. Go ahead. I'll catch up.

[00:30:46] Tim: Yeah, I can smell That

[00:30:47] Carol: Mm. That burned my throat.

[00:30:58] Ben: Oh

[00:30:58] Adam: Have we found Ben's breaking point?

[00:31:04] Ben: no. Okay. It the, initially it was worse and then it's like calm down a little bit, but it's

[00:31:11] Ben: still,

[00:31:12] Tim: building.

[00:31:12] Carol: It, uh, Yeah. Yeah. My tongue's getting worse.

[00:31:16] Tim: So Danger Clothes is a magical blend of red, cayenne and orange habanero peppers. We think it's the perfect sauce for making buffalo wings

[00:31:24] Ben: Wait, it's getting worse all of a sudden.

[00:31:26] Carol: Yeah.

[00:31:28] Tim: That's a strong cayenne flavor, but also brings a solid backdoor kicker of habanero heat, more heat than our best seller, dead red, but it won't melt your brain like a heavy dose of shock. And. All right.

[00:31:41] Ben: I feel that.

[00:31:43] Tim: Ben.

[00:31:43] Tim: Speeding it.

[00:31:44] Ben: that one in the back of my throat

[00:31:45] Carol: Yep. I feel in my tongue,

[00:31:48] Tim: yeah, so it act it is now moved like all around the inside of my mouth, like the top of my lip, top of my inside of my lips, and both cheeks inside my mouth. it's

[00:31:57] Tim: it's a, it's a, nice spreader. This is good.

[00:32:01] Adam: it definitely is a spreader, and I think maybe going back for his second soft bite was a bad idea.

[00:32:06] Carol: bad idea. I was about to bite my wing and I'm like, No, put it in the trash bowl.

[00:32:14] Adam: Time to break into the um, not sponsored milkshake.

[00:32:18] Tim: Yes. That now might be a good time to a little beverage, guys.

[00:32:23] Carol: I'm good to eat my, uh, my french fries.

[00:32:27] Adam: Ben Gargling chocolate milk

[00:32:30] Carol: Was there a question with that

[00:32:31] Carol: one?

[00:32:32] Tim: coming to it.

[00:32:32] Carol: Okay.

[00:32:36] Tim: Right. If at the beginning of this journey I told you, I being the person who asked this question, You be recording episode 100, and you did it without missing a week, would you have believed me for everybody?

[00:32:50] Carol: No,

[00:32:52] Adam: Yeah. No, I, I, this is the most consistent I've ever done anything

[00:32:57] Carol: I've missed several weeks. So,

[00:32:58] Tim: But, but the show as a whole

[00:33:00] Carol: Yeah. Yeah, we have, Yeah.

[00:33:02] Carol: And we recorded without each other and you know, doubled up on weeks. Yeah.

[00:33:06] Tim: We've had like single like episodes where we do some interviews to, you know, stretch things out during the holidays. I I seriously thought, I'm like, We will run out of ideas before we get a hundred.

[00:33:16] Carol: I thought 36

[00:33:18] Carol: was gonna be our magic number. 36 is where I predicted us to end and go. There

[00:33:22] Carol: is no more content. What else is there to talk about

[00:33:24] Tim: honestly at this point, every week I come in going, I, you know, it's like, Hey, it's Thursday, we're gonna record a podcast. I'm like, I, I'm pretty sure I don't have any ideas

[00:33:32] Tim: because Adam is like going, he's on Discord going, Hey guys, what are we talking about? And all of us are like crickets.

[00:33:37] Carol: except for Ben.

[00:33:39] Ben: I'm always like, Let's just talk about code

[00:33:41] Carol: Yeah.

[00:33:42] Carol: I will say that is The happiest Ben gets. Yeah.

[00:33:48] Tim: and,

[00:33:48] Tim: and,

[00:33:49] Carol: Ben gets is when we talk technical.

[00:33:50] Tim: to be,

[00:33:51] Tim: and to be kind of an evergreen show, cuz we're not talking about, I mean, we could do, you know, you know, we're gonna start phoning it in a bit. Whenever we, we actually, this, I think there will be a point we do run out of sort of evergreen topics to talk about without retreading old ground. Um, when we start talking about, Oh, I read this in the news that this and this, you know, this new platform came out. It's more of like a what's happening now kind of thing, rather than

[00:34:15] Tim: evergreen. But I don't know what that number is, but it's not today my friends, it's

[00:34:20] Carol: No, it's not 100.

[00:34:22] Adam: the the heat is now building my, the tip of my

[00:34:25] Carol: Oh, my lips are burning.

[00:34:27] Adam: There was tingling and, and just a little, little heat before. And, but now it's starting to like, I feel like the temperature of the tip of my tongue is rising

[00:34:34] Carol: Oh.

[00:34:35] Tim: Yeah. Watch. Watch your eyes, Ben.

[00:34:37] Ben: I know, I know. I'm

[00:34:37] Ben: I'm like trying to

[00:34:39] Carol: now regret telling my husband to watch this.

[00:34:45] Carol: Woo.

[00:34:45] Tim: Hey, if he can't love you at your worst, he doesn't deserve you at your best.

[00:34:51] Carol: Oh,

[00:34:52] Adam: If he can't love you at your worst, then you're stronger than him cuz you live with yourself every day.

[00:34:56] Tim: exactly. How about you? I mean, how about you, Adam? A hundred? Did you think we'd make it?

[00:35:02] Adam: Um, I had my doubts, um, but I'm, I'm really proud and impressed with the three of you that we've managed to pull, pull through. Um, like I said, I had my doubts. I also had my hopes, um, and and I couldn't be happier.

[00:35:19] Ben: Yeah, I've been having a blast for sure.

[00:35:22] Ben: Boy,

[00:35:22] Ben: it's been

[00:35:23] Ben: like two years

[00:35:24] Carol: it's two years almost. Yeah.

[00:35:25] Carol: we started in October, right?

[00:35:28] Adam: Our first episode, I believe was like December 6th or something like that.

[00:35:33] Carol: ring.

[00:35:33] Carol: ring.

[00:35:33] Carol: ring.

[00:35:35] Adam: That brings back memories.

[00:35:38] Tim: yep.

[00:35:38] Carol: I can, I can't help it. It's a moment I won't forget. Right?

[00:35:41] Tim: That's funny. And you know, I mean, I don't wanna give out the exact numbers, but we're, I mean, just now recently, we're really getting some good, some download numbers. It's, it's getting out there. So It's

[00:35:53] Tim: It's building momentum. It's not, it's growing. It's, Yeah. Okay.

[00:35:59] Sauce 4: Shock And Awe

[00:35:59] Tim: You ready

[00:36:00] Tim: to move on?

[00:36:00] Adam: wing. Yeah, So that's shock and awe.

[00:36:03] Tim: It shocking off

[00:36:07] Adam: So this is another commercial sauce, right?

[00:36:09] Tim: is another commercial sauce. I'll give you the description after we're done, after we take a bite.

[00:36:14] Adam: Oh,

[00:36:14] Tim: This is a thick one,

[00:36:15] Carol: Oh yeah. It smells very hot.

[00:36:23] Adam: trying

[00:36:23] Adam: not to.

[00:36:24] Tim: it, yeah. That's hot.

[00:36:30] Carol: Oh, I'm just getting the, like oily juice. I bet that's the hottest part, isn't it?

[00:36:36] Adam: Now, Now my, Well,

[00:36:37] Adam: that's

[00:36:37] Adam: why you

[00:36:37] Tim: feel, I can feel, in Yeah.

[00:36:40] Tim: Mm-hmm.

[00:36:41] Carol: Oh boy.

[00:36:43] Adam: Have you guys already taken your bite?

[00:36:44] Ben: Hmm.

[00:36:45] Carol: No, I'm scared.

[00:36:46] Tim: yet. Not yet.

[00:36:49] Adam: My nose

[00:36:50] Carol: Oh boy.

[00:36:51] Carol: Uhhuh. Huh? Mine. Just

[00:36:52] Ben: smell.

[00:36:52] Tim: You guys ready?

[00:36:55] Carol: All right, let's

[00:36:55] Tim: 1, 2, 3, go.

[00:36:57] Adam: Flavor is good. Oh

[00:37:02] Carol: Mm-hmm. Oh God.

[00:37:06] Ben: Oh,

[00:37:08] Tim: Hmm. That's good.

[00:37:14] Adam: Okay. Okay. I think I'm over the hill.

[00:37:19] Adam: We lost Carol .

[00:37:22] Tim: This is go, this is

[00:37:23] Tim: gonna be a, I can

[00:37:23] Tim: tell this is gonna be a slow burner. This is gonna kick in

[00:37:26] Carol: Oh. Oh. this is

[00:37:28] Ben: I know. I don't it. I don't like,

[00:37:31] Carol: This does not feel you guys.

[00:37:33] Ben: uh,

[00:37:34] Carol: I to rough my so bad.

[00:37:40] Adam: Oh, thanks for saying that. Now my ihs

[00:37:45] Carol: Oh, the beer made it worse.

[00:37:50] Carol: Oh,

[00:37:50] Tim: So in case you're interested, what is going on in your body right now? This is not for the faint of heart. This sauce was a special request at the bottom, my tongue. I can feel it, uh, from our beloved Heat Freaks fans that we have since opened up the rest of the universe made with almost 90% American homegrown orange habaneros. Um, you'll get a unique punch of deep, powerful, sustained heat. So this is gonna last a minute, guys.

[00:38:19] Tim: and the scoville units on this one,

[00:38:21] Tim: let's see,

[00:38:24] Adam: Oh,

[00:38:25] Tim: uh, between a hundred thousand and 350,000. Last one was a hundred thousand. This is like, this is definitely more than a hundred thousand. This probably 350

[00:38:36] Carol: My nose.

[00:38:39] Tim: I like.

[00:38:40] Adam: oh,

[00:38:40] Tim: good.

[00:38:42] Adam: the the, Oh, we need to move on. Cuz the more we wait, the more it builds

[00:38:45] Tim: No, no, you, you need to let this settle down cuz otherwise you're just gonna be piling heat on top of heat. So for, for this one's for Ben, while he's in pain. Ben,

[00:38:58] Carol: God.

[00:38:59] Tim: Ben buddy.

[00:38:59] Ben: Yep.

[00:39:00] Tim: If re, if react had a heart does react, hearts matter.

[00:39:05] Ben: I was listening to another podcast the other day and someone made fun of React saying that the only thing that React is good at is being famous. And I don't know, I just, I just don't care for it, you know? It's just not for everybody. Um, I'm sure it works really

[00:39:25] Ben: well for the people who, who enjoy it.

[00:39:27] Ben: Uh, it, it's like functional programming.

[00:39:30] Ben: Like I just don't get functional programming. I know how to call functions. I just, I don't know what I'm saying. Um,

[00:39:40] Adam: Oh,

[00:39:40] Ben: to each their own. To each their own.

[00:39:42] Tim: out my stack.

[00:39:44] Carol: so we are, uh, we are,

[00:39:46] Adam: hang

[00:39:46] Carol: we're so desperate. Oh, go

[00:39:47] Adam: That was, that was an episode of Js party. Um,

[00:39:55] Carol: Oh, oh, oh. Water's making it worse.

[00:39:59] Ben: Uh,

[00:39:59] Adam: Hang on. I have to, I, I know what the episode is like. I can't remember the number or anything like that, but

[00:40:03] Ben: it was, it was just re it was like, it was like

[00:40:05] Ben: two weeks ago.

[00:40:06] Adam: Maybe I, um, Oh,

[00:40:08] Carol: Oh,

[00:40:09] Ben: I think, I don't know. Time doesn't mean anything.

[00:40:11] Tim: Wow.

[00:40:13] Adam: okay.

[00:40:13] Adam: Yeah, it

[00:40:14] Tim: worried for

[00:40:15] Adam: it

[00:40:15] Carol: Oh,

[00:40:15] Adam: uh, it, it was JS party number 2 44, the Spicy Reactivate show.

[00:40:21] Ben: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:40:22] Ben: yeah. yeah.

[00:40:22] Ben: That's

[00:40:22] Ben: it. Exactly.

[00:40:23] Tim: Very appropriate. Uh, so let's have a fun one while we kind of simmer down a little

[00:40:33] Carol: Oh wait, hang on. For React stuff,

[00:40:35] Carol: we are so, we're so desperate for React Engineers that we are taking people from my team and teaching them React so that they can work on the other platforms because we can't find React engineers.

[00:40:46] Adam: Mm.

[00:40:47] Ben: Oh.

[00:40:48] Carol: there's birds so bad.

[00:40:50] Tim: This isn't, This isn't React

[00:40:52] Tim: Related's. She's

[00:40:54] Carol: there hurts

[00:40:56] Carol: my tongue

[00:40:57] Adam: it. Uh, for those of you not watching the YouTube, you have to, like, Carol is, is kind of like laughing through this. It's, it sounds like she's sobbing, like somebody just killed her dog. But , it doesn't look like.

[00:41:11] Ben: This is, I'm, I'm pretty, I'm pretty excited that, I think I'm taking it slightly better than Carol cuz I, like before this I went and, and like was telling my wife that if I die she has to take care of the dog. And

[00:41:23] Ben: I was, I was, um, but is good. This is good.

[00:41:27] Tim: So not React related, but, But Adam, so thank you for like, really. Hyping up for me cuz I,

[00:41:33] Tim: I our um, our front end, front end engineer or she really does a lot more than that, but I recommended to her and she's checking it out. She's like, Wow, this is really looked really, really cool. So

[00:41:44] Adam: Teller. Um, yeah, so they have a, they have a, like a full stack framework. So there's react and then there's like next js, which is sort of the, the defacto, the, the gold standard currently, uh, full stack react framework, right front end and back end. Um, in the felt world, you've got spelt and you've got spelt kit, which is so felt kit is kind of like analogous to next.

[00:42:07] Adam: Um, And they're very close to 1.0 on spelt kit. So as a matter of fact, they're in officially in the release candidate phase. So don't, don't put it in a production yet, but it's coming

[00:42:20] Tim: Okay. Yeah, she's

[00:42:21] Tim: just kind of checking it out right now cause we're doing a whole lot of front end work coming up. All right. Is anybody

[00:42:28] Tim: need a minute?

[00:42:29] Carol: is it that making? How is it that breathing makes us worse?

[00:42:33] Tim: Right.

[00:42:34] Tim: Breathing does make, Yeah.

[00:42:35] Tim: Yeah. Cause

[00:42:36] Tim: it's moving air over your

[00:42:38] Tim: tongue. That's kind of reactivating those capsaicin

[00:42:41] Tim: molecules.

[00:42:43] Adam: So what you're

[00:42:44] Adam: telling me is hold my breath,

[00:42:46] Tim: Yeah. I mean for like 10 minutes at least. And then it won't hurt. Nothing will hurt.

[00:42:51] Adam: Yeah. Oh, I'm, I'm

[00:42:56] Adam: okay. Like that hurt, but I'm, but I think I'm, I'm through the woods on that one.

[00:43:01] Carol: okay. Okay.

[00:43:02] Tim: Carol? Carol's struggling here.

[00:43:04] Carol: All right. Let's

[00:43:09] Tim: So, So,

[00:43:10] Sauce 5: Sly Pig

[00:43:10] Tim: Sean is saying, um, Just wait for the, Tim. Okay. All right.

[00:43:15] Carol: It's Tim. Tim gonna be the hottest, hottest

[00:43:17] Tim: I don't know cuz I don't really know how to rate. So the next one, So the bomb is actually only 60,000 scoville units technically, but honestly, It's pretty hot because it's like pure capsaicin extract. But that's, we're not gonna do that. We're doing my one next.

[00:43:33] Tim: So I will say this, this one actually might be, So I love this one. This is my, I, I grow my own Carolina Reapers, but I grow it for taste, right? So Kate Reapers actually aren't very tasty peppers. So I add stuff to it at like ginger, um, garlic chalos. So I add stuff to make it taste good and it kind of, that kind of dilutes the heat a little bit.

[00:43:54] Tim: So I love this one. If I

[00:43:56] Tim: want it hotter, I act, I

[00:43:57] Tim: add the bomb to it.

[00:43:58] Ben: are we doing Tim next?

[00:44:00] Tim: No, we're

[00:44:00] Tim: doing

[00:44:00] Tim: uh, sniping

[00:44:01] Carol: slide

[00:44:02] Carol: pig.

[00:44:02] Tim: swiping. The delayed actions are their best.

[00:44:05] Ben: This is one of the, uh, cocaine vials.

[00:44:07] Tim: The little, yeah, the little, little crack. Little crack. Biles.

[00:44:10] Adam: So you said Chalos.

[00:44:14] Tim: Shallots.

[00:44:15] Adam: Yeah, I was gonna say, some people call 'em shallots, which if you're not aware, it's just like a baby onion, right?

[00:44:19] Adam: Um,

[00:44:21] Tim: I mean, it's onion. It's the Allium family.

[00:44:24] Tim: Um,

[00:44:24] Adam: It's basically a baby onion,

[00:44:26] Tim: It, but if you watch Uncle Roger, onions are for poor people and shallots are for, you know.

[00:44:33] Carol: Uncle Roger.

[00:44:34] Adam: those with a refined palette. I was gonna ask like, is there a cultural difference between people who say shallot and shao?

[00:44:42] Tim: So I, I think I pick it up from my wife who tends to use Shalot more so since

[00:44:48] Tim: she's, you know, her family's English slash

[00:44:51] Tim: Swedish. So.

[00:44:51] Adam: I'm, waiting till the last possible second to open

[00:44:54] Adam: this

[00:44:54] Ben: Oh,

[00:44:54] Tim: So this is, this is,

[00:44:55] Carol: Oh,

[00:44:56] Tim: uh, yeah. So this is sloppy big.

[00:44:59] Adam: again, I gotta

[00:45:00] Adam: shake it up.

[00:45:00] Ben: we're,

[00:45:01] Carol: oh boy.

[00:45:03] Adam: You guys are already taking bites. I haven't. I'm still

[00:45:05] Adam: pouring.

[00:45:06] Carol: there.

[00:45:07] Carol: Well, I'm scared.

[00:45:08] Tim: really taste the, the ginger on

[00:45:09] Tim: this

[00:45:09] Tim: one.

[00:45:09] Adam: my God.

[00:45:10] Ben: Yeah,

[00:45:11] Tim: That's delicious.

[00:45:14] Tim: Hmm. Love it.

[00:45:16] Ben: I'm not really getting any heat on this.

[00:45:20] Tim: It's Caroline Reapers. Like I

[00:45:22] Carol: think. I think my mouth is numb.

[00:45:26] Tim: But

[00:45:26] Ben: Oh, May, it might be building.

[00:45:28] Ben: Okay. Okay.

[00:45:31] Adam: Okay.

[00:45:31] Adam: Yeah, like with like Ben, I'm not getting anything right in the, in the initial bart.

[00:45:37] Carol: oh. It's there.

[00:45:39] Adam: It's

[00:45:39] Adam: tasty though. It's tasty.

[00:45:41] Tim: Yeah. So yeah, like I said, I grow this cuz I mean, I do like spice, but I really do. Yeah, it's, yeah, but I'm tasting it now

[00:45:49] Ben: Yeah.

[00:45:50] Ben: Okay. It's coming.

[00:45:53] Ben: Speaking of

[00:45:55] Carol: You guys better be glad. I love you

[00:46:00] Adam: R I Carol,

[00:46:02] Tim: All right, So So since we have two left, I don't wanna keep this up. I don't want this episode to be

[00:46:08] Tim: short. Where are we at on time right now?

[00:46:10] Adam: we're probably about like 45 minutes in.

[00:46:12] Tim: Yeah.

[00:46:13] Best Advice You've Been Given?

[00:46:13] Tim: So I'm gonna ask this to all of you. While you're in pain, what is the best piece of advice you've ever been given? And did you listen?

[00:46:21] Carol: Oh

[00:46:22] Tim: I'll 'em first.

[00:46:24] Adam: Oh, you got, You're not even gonna give a guy a second to think about it, huh? The best piece of advice I've ever been given. And did I take it pass God. Here

[00:46:36] Carol: Did you pass?

[00:46:37] Adam: Oh,

[00:46:39] Adam: it's

[00:46:40] Adam: mm-hmm.

[00:46:43] Ben: I just swallowed some saliva and that like all of a sudden struck me.

[00:46:51] Tim: I just, what I love about that

[00:46:52] Tim: sauce. It's so sneaky. You're like at first like, Oh,

[00:46:54] Tim: it's not hot. And it was like, Oh, it 35, 40 seconds.

[00:46:58] Carol: All right. All right. So, um,

[00:47:00] Carol: this wasn't advice. Yeah, I'll go. This wasn't advice. This was, um, in a one-on-one right before I got promoted. I'm gonna cry, I think, Oh boy. Oh my boss put in my, like, one-on-one like evaluation things. He's like, You're doing great. You're doing so, so good, but you can do more. He goes, You need to pick up things that are outside your comfort zone.

[00:47:27] Carol: He goes, If you look at something and it doesn't feel comfortable, and you get like, uh, uh, like not in your stomach, he goes, That's what I want you to pick up and work on. He goes, I know you're capable of doing so much more, but you're scared. And since then, every time I look at a challenge or like a problem, if it doesn't like make my stomach clench a little and I'm not like, I'm gonna destroy the world by writing this code.

[00:47:54] Carol: I don't wanna pick it up anymore. Like, I only wanna do things that scare. Open your face.

[00:48:00] Ben: I, It's like it,

[00:48:02] Carol: I getting hot pepper. You gotta be challenged. Right? And you, and it's great when you have the people around you, like Tim did my whole career when I was younger, remind me that I'm capable of, of doing great things and to push you outside your comfort zone.

[00:48:14] Carol: So I think stepping outside my comfort zone has been like, my biggest piece of advice I've been given, that I've taken the heart and tried to live

[00:48:22] Carol: by.

[00:48:22] Carol: Okay. A lot of

[00:48:24] Ben: Hmmhmm.

[00:48:28] Adam: That's Ben's contribution. Just,

[00:48:30] Tim: Yeah.

[00:48:30] Ben: I, I don't know. I don't know. Something keeps hitting me in the back of the throat, which just randomly,

[00:48:34] Adam: Yep.

[00:48:37] Ben: um,

[00:48:37] Carol: it.

[00:48:38] Tim: Yeah. Some of some of

[00:48:39] Tim: our listeners are saying that we should like do this for our 101 episode.

[00:48:43] Carol: No u-uh.

[00:48:45] Adam: I, think we just figured out where the podcast ends.

[00:48:49] Tim: We all die. to go next? Adam? Ben.

[00:48:52] Adam: Oh, God. Um, I'm not, I'm not a deep thinker. I don't tend to spend a lot of time introspecting. Um, so when, when somebody hits me with a question like this, I don't really have a, a good answer to, to pull out of the cra my memory. So I'll just give you what, any, what comes to mind, which is probably not all that insightful, uh, or anything.

[00:49:14] Adam: um,

[00:49:15] Adam: yeah, J jf. You're gonna have to bleep it, but just do it. Um,

[00:49:21] Carol: Yeah.

[00:49:22] Adam: that's, that's the advice. And I mean, the guy who, who gives out that advice regularly has it tattooed on his forearm, J F D I, It's like giant block letters, JF d i, um, and you know, it's like what's the worst that's gonna happen, right?

[00:49:37] Adam: You know, you launch something and nobody buys your book or, or whatever it is.

[00:49:42] Adam: Okay? So you, you wasted some time. You tried that. That's the other thing is,

[00:49:46] Adam: um, when you, when you fail at something, you, it, it shows that you did something that wasn't a sure thing, right? If everything you do in life isn't a sure thing, or if everything you do in life is a sure thing than like, have you really lived, have you, have you pushed yourself?

[00:50:03] Adam: Have you tried? And I'm an ambitious person. Like, I like to learn new hobbies and do different things and, and, um, it hurts me cuz I'm a little bit of a perfectionist too,

[00:50:14] Adam: but, Which is why like when I was the one editing our podcast episodes, I would spend eight hours editing

[00:50:20] Tim: Wow.

[00:50:21] Adam: episode.

[00:50:22] Ben: Yeah, Yeah, yeah.

[00:50:24] Tim: Thank you Matt.

[00:50:24] Tim: Thank you Matt for

[00:50:25] Carol: you, Matt. You do a great job.

[00:50:27] Tim: does a great job and he's gonna have a little more work cuz it's a video. This time you need to edit some of this. So

[00:50:32] Carol: Oh

[00:50:35] Tim: Carol, you okay babe?

[00:50:36] Carol: yeah.

[00:50:36] Tim: All right, How about you, Ben? Best advice. Did you take it?

[00:50:42] Ben: Um. Oh man, I, I, I, don't know. I'm struggling to come up with something. My dad used to tell me two things. Uh, he used to say, one, you have to leave this world better than you found it. And, uh, I, I, I try to do that in, in little ways. Um, I don't know if I'm good at it all the time. And the other thing that he used to say was, sometimes you have to show people No, you can't tell them no. And, and he was in a, he was in a creative work field. And, uh, what he meant by that was sometimes people come to you with terrible ideas and like, there's nothing that you can tell them that will convince them that it's a terrible idea. Sometimes you just have to do it and then let them see that it was a terrible idea. And, um, I don't know if I take that advice to heart but, but, uh, I could definitely see that being really helpful. Um, I some people, you can see it, it just, it's not, it's not material.

[00:51:41] Tim: Hmm. I'd say for me, I two bits of advice. Um, one I didn't take, one I did. So when our company got bought, We, uh, they do, The company that bought us, you know, the Constellation software bought us and they buy companies, software companies, and they, they buy and they never sell them. And they actually don't really change the structure of the company. Um, but they do this thing after the acquisition where they, and I've talked about this before. It's called a par. It's like, basically, so how'd the acquisition go after a year? Did you know was the value of the company what we expected? Things like that. And then how's the company doing? Now, at the end of it, I asked, um, Mark Leonard, who is the, the CEO of, uh, Constellation. You know, what advice do you have for us to grow? Cause that's, they really want the companies grow. And he said, um, well, right now you guys don't really have a whole lot of sales and marketing, so hire four sales

[00:52:38] Tim: guys, even though you, you know, think you only need one hire, four sales guys. Uh, sales people are flaky.

[00:52:45] Tim: So probably only half of them will work out. Uh, and then you, then you're gonna grow. And we absolutely did not take that advice. We continue to only have one salesperson for many d for many, many years after that point. Uh, and so that is now that, you know, we're kind of in a different phase in, in our company where we're spinning off, um, a part of us.

[00:53:05] Tim: I'm like, I am all on board the sales and marketing just sell, sell, sell. Cuz it covers a multitude of sins. So I haven't taken it, but I plan to. The second bit of advice, uh, was from, I was listened to, I think it was this American life, and it was talking about a guy who, who was dealing with his father-in-law who had Alzheimer's or his mother-in-law had Alzheimer's and he was a, um, he was in, um, improv comedy and Comedy has a thing that says it's a rule in improv comedy. It's yes.

[00:53:40] Ben: Hmm.

[00:53:41] Tim: And that a bit of advice I've taken very hard to like, not just like being funny cuz Yes. And is very funny,

[00:53:49] Tim: but

[00:53:49] Tim: just

[00:53:50] Carol: don't know what Yes. And I don't know what

[00:53:51] Tim: so like, so basically an

[00:53:52] Tim: improv comedy, someone throws out a line, right? So, so it's like, it's improv. You don't know what's

[00:53:56] Tim: coming.

[00:53:56] Tim: So someone says,

[00:53:57] Adam: by aliens

[00:53:59] Tim: being abducted by aliens. You don't go, No, no, that's not aliens. That shuts the bit down immediately. It's not funny. You go, Yes I am. And those aliens are, you know, from Mexico and they just built the wall, you know, you know, you see, he laughs So, so you, you don't, you don't block it. And um, and having family members who've had Alzheimer's and having this friend, this, this family that just kind of adopted us for some reason to keep bringing us food every week. Um, and he is Alzheimer's like yes.

[00:54:28] Tim: And is like, it's also in your personal life, it's like, so your significant other, like, you know, I have a problem that you don't do such and such and you're like, And I also do this, but you know, so yes, Yes. And is a good way to diffuse situations that could otherwise be difficult because when you say no, there's conflict.

[00:54:51] Tim: But when you say yes and you're acknowledging them, but also kind of getting something that you want out of it,

[00:54:57] Ben: I, I'll say I have to, to double down on that with you, that, uh, I use very much the yes anding mentality when people just say some crazy (quack) to me. Like, like, you know, so I'm fairly introverted, so when I am in public and I do talk to people, I, it's like an exercise for me. So, and, and you know, some people just wanna start opening. And they'll say, you know, they'll be like, Oh yeah, you know, like I, I, got 18 cats at home and, and instead of being like, Oh, crazy person, I'm gonna walk away. I'll be like, you know, you gotta be like, yes. Oh, that must be very expensive. How do you feed all those cats? You know? It's

[00:55:36] Ben: like trying to get into it. And my wife is like constantly nudging me. She's like, What are you doing? Don't ask questions.

[00:55:44] Tim: It's cool. All right. Before we hit the bomb,

[00:55:47] Tim: which I promise you is gonna hurt, um, I need to go get a drink and take a pee because I'm a man of a certain age, so, so if anyone needs a bio break, now's time to do it.

[00:55:57] Carol: Oh

[00:55:57] Adam: I'm actually feeling okay at the moment.

[00:56:00] Carol: Yeah. scared

[00:56:02] Adam: That last one hurt a lot, but I think I'm, I'm

[00:56:07] Carol: I've touched hot wings.

[00:56:11] Adam: I'm still on

[00:56:12] Adam: the

[00:56:12] Ben: know they have movies.

[00:56:14] Carol: Have

[00:56:15] Carol: you

[00:56:16] Carol: Oh, I should grab mine cuz now I wish I had it under my feet. Actually. I'm gonna grab that while he pees.

[00:56:26] Ben: Well, since everybody's gone, I'll talk about code. Uh, some of the best code advice that I've ever gotten, uh, that I read in an article was, was Right code that's easy to delete, not easy to maintain. Uh,

[00:56:39] Ben: I, I read that maybe like three or four years ago. Yeah, it's completely changed the way that I think about everything. Uh, as I'm putting code in, I think to myself, I'm gonna eventually have to delete this. Am I, should I put in its own function? Am I indenting it right? Like, is there, is there a way that I could make it? I, it's like you almost start to think about the, um, the, the GitHub, the pr diff that's gonna show up,

[00:57:05] Ben: and you're like, Is this diff gonna be easy for someone to look at? Um, I know Adam will argue that that's why I should be doing comma first notation, uh, which I will never do. Um, but, but it would make the PRS a little bit easier to look at.

[00:57:20] Adam: So I actually just thought of, uh, a piece of advice that, uh, I did take and it worked out to be great for my career. So I'll go, I'll add that to the mix. one of our listeners, one of our patrons, um, Chuck, uh, my former boss, uh, encouraged me to attend my first tech conference. Um, and that like exploded open a new chapter in my career.

[00:57:46] Adam: And so

[00:57:47] Adam: that was great advice and yeah, I took it. Um, that was CF United. Um, it was I think three years before the final one.

[00:57:57] Tim: Okay.

[00:57:58] Adam: it was either two or three years before.

[00:58:01] Ben: Wait, was that in, uh, Bethesda, or that was in, um, that was in DC or I forget.

[00:58:09] Adam: I believe the first one that I went to was in Bethesda

[00:58:14] Ben: I think that's the first one I went to.

[00:58:15] Carol: Where's Bethesda?

[00:58:17] Ben: No

[00:58:18] Tim: outside Washington DC

[00:58:19] Adam: Yeah. Um, the

[00:58:21] Adam: final one was in Bethesda too, wasn't it?

[00:58:24] Tim: Yeah. Cause that's the first one I went to.

[00:58:27] Ben: Oh, geez. The lot came out. Sorry.

[00:58:29] Adam: We're we're

[00:58:30] Carol: Oh, we're

[00:58:31] Carol: saing. Huh?

[00:58:32] Tim: yeah.

[00:58:32] Sauce 6: Da Bomb

[00:58:32] Tim: De bomb de bomb's coming up. Ooh, I got lick my finger. I got a little bit of

[00:58:35] Carol: Boy. Oh boy.

[00:58:39] Adam: Technically, there's

[00:58:40] Adam: some in the bowl. I'm not looking forward to this one.

[00:58:45] Ben: What's the smell like

[00:58:48] Carol: I know. I'm gonna

[00:58:50] Carol: shake it.

[00:58:51] Ben: It has notes of death.

[00:58:54] Carol: I feel like it's gonna explode.

[00:58:56] Carol: It's, it actually has like a, uh, like a chili, like, um,

[00:59:01] Adam: Oh

[00:59:01] Carol: cooing. Like chili? Yeah.

[00:59:04] Carol: Yeah. Chili powder

[00:59:05] Tim: All right.

[00:59:05] Tim: You guys ready?

[00:59:07] Carol: Yeah.

[00:59:08] Tim: 1, 2, 3.

[00:59:09] Carol: Ooh, God.

[00:59:13] Tim: It tastes terrible. It really does taste awful.

[00:59:17] Carol: That is.

[00:59:20] Tim: It is not a tasty sauce. It's like,

[00:59:25] Ben: God. Oh, that's not fun. not fun.

[00:59:33] Adam: But it's fun to watch you

[00:59:39] Ben: Oh,

[00:59:39] Adam: It's a, it is a terrible sensation to be cracking up at somebody else's pain and also in pain.

[00:59:46] Tim: But what's funny is

[00:59:48] Ben: Oh

[00:59:49] Tim: only

[00:59:49] Tim: gets

[00:59:50] Tim: It only it's gonna get

[00:59:51] Adam: Oh.

[00:59:52] Tim: next minutes.

[00:59:52] Carol:

[00:59:56] Carol: I'm,

[00:59:58] Ben: Uh,

[01:00:00] Ben: yeah.

[01:00:01] Carol: Oh God. Oh, it's getting way worse.

[01:00:04] Carol: It's,

[01:00:05] Tim: it's gonna get worse.

[01:00:06] Ben: Uh

[01:00:07] Tim: The first bite is not the worst.

[01:00:08] Carol: Oh

[01:00:09] Carol: God.

[01:00:14] Adam: Try not to cough. Try not to cough. Oh

[01:00:16] Adam: God.

[01:00:16] Ben: Ah.

[01:00:24] Tim: I don't think I've ever heard Ben Curse this much.

[01:00:28] Ben: I

[01:00:28] Carol: like, Okay, that's the second time I've spit

[01:00:30] Carol: milk out.

[01:00:32] Tim: Oh,

[01:00:33] Carol: Oh God, this is awful.

[01:00:35] Tim: yeah.

[01:00:35] Carol: God.

[01:00:37] Carol: Whoa.

[01:00:41] Ben: I gotta

[01:00:42] Ben: Oh.

[01:00:44] Tim: To leave

[01:00:47] Tim: being had to leave.

[01:00:49] Ben: oh.

[01:00:51] Carol: Oh,

[01:00:54] Tim: Right. So guys,

[01:00:57] Adam: would choose to eat that?

[01:00:58] Ben: Uh

[01:00:59] Tim: what,

[01:00:59] What Would You Do If You Knew You Wouldn't Get In Trouble For It?

[01:00:59] Tim: what would you do if you

[01:01:00] Tim: knew you wouldn't get in trouble for it?

[01:01:03] Ben: The ?

[01:01:05] Tim: What would you do if you knew you wouldn't get it?

[01:01:10] Tim: But kill me right now

[01:01:11] Adam: Uh, I would find the guy who, the guy would find the guy who created this sauce and I would in his pants,

[01:01:16] Ben: Oh,

[01:01:25] Carol: Oh,

[01:01:27] Tim: Oh.

[01:01:30] Carol: oh,

[01:01:31] Tim: So after all that warning about not touching your eye, I had a paper towel on my finger, but

[01:01:37] Tim: that

[01:01:37] Adam: Oh,

[01:01:39] Adam: oh, sucks.

[01:01:43] Carol: oh yeah.

[01:01:44] Adam: So we just, we just, pepper sprayed ourselves in the mouth. Right.

[01:01:48] Tim: You buddy?

[01:01:51] Ben: no. I am very not. Okay.

[01:01:53] Carol: Oh,

[01:01:57] Ben: Oh, which one have you made this?

[01:01:59] Tim: No, this, so this is, this is, this is a bot sauce called De

[01:02:05] Carol: Oh my God. This is

[01:02:06] Adam: Beyond Insanity.

[01:02:08] Tim: Beyond insanity.

[01:02:12] Ben: I'm, I'm done. This is ridiculous. This is not how people live.

[01:02:15] Carol: I can't eat you, Tim. I'm sorry.

[01:02:20] Tim: So bad.

[01:02:21] Carol: up. I'm

[01:02:24] Tim: All right. So what would Carol, what would you do if you knew you wouldn't get in trouble for it?

[01:02:29] Carol: I would, um, I would join the, the chat team for the people that respond for our evil, that hand out the, um, the encryption keys for when your company gets, uh, gets attacked when they get, like, when our evil hits them and they get all their software like encrypted and they have to pay the ransomware. I would be the person on the other end of that chat service. Oh God.

[01:02:54] Adam: So you wanna be, you wanna be like a ransomware, money collector.

[01:02:57] Carol: But yeah, but I wanna be like providing they have the best customer service ever. If you've ever read about it. Like people come back and give them reviews, like good reviews for how good their customer service team is on handling these chat responses. In the process of being like, I need 42 million in Bitcoin, they explained to them like how to go buy the Bitcoin. Like how, how they get multiple like

[01:03:20] Carol: accounts set up. They even like point them to like the right agencies for it.

[01:03:30] Ben: um,

[01:03:33] Adam: Al

[01:03:35] Carol: Now,

[01:03:37] Tim: So how about you,

[01:03:38] Ben: uh,

[01:03:38] Tim: would you do if you knew you wouldn't get in trouble for it?

[01:03:41] Ben: I,

[01:03:45] Carol: I'll

[01:03:48] Ben: I, I'm always very,

[01:03:51] Carol: Oh God.

[01:03:52] Ben: I'm always very thankful that I'm not invincible

[01:03:56] Ben: because I don't really have this thing about,

[01:04:00] Ben: uh, I have this thing about people, um, being really loud on, uh, public transportation and, uh, like playing music out loud or like, I don't know, just people who, who talk on those like touch to speak phones. Uh, and I just, I'm just like thankful that I'm not invincible. Cause I feel like I would, I would, I would mess someone up.

[01:04:28] Ben: Um,

[01:04:29] Adam: You were going to eat a

[01:04:30] Adam: lot

[01:04:31] Ben: being hurt. Yeah. Oh my God. Oh, I hate, I hate hot sauce so much.

[01:04:39] Tim: You've done really, really good up to now. I've actually been super impressed up to now Ben

[01:04:44] Adam: I thought you were gonna drop so much earlier.

[01:04:46] Ben: no.

[01:04:47] Tim: Uhoh. He's got the burbs.

[01:04:50] Tim: Got the

[01:04:50] Ben: It still hurts. It's still

[01:04:52] Tim: Yeah. It, it's, it's gonna hurt for another five minutes.

[01:04:55] Tim: So, So for me,

[01:04:57] Adam: touch em.

[01:04:58] Tim: yeah. So for me, I mean, if I couldn't get in trouble for it, there are, I have a list of people that I would make disappear. I would not kill them, but I would um, there's a book called Jumper the Jumper series, and in this one, like he, the guy can like, jump, teleport from place to place if he's been there before he can remember it and can jump. And these people like, um, kill his mom and so he, cuz they're terrorists or something like hijack a. And so he's able, he, he finds them and he jumps and he finds this like place out in the desert, I think out in, I don't know where it is. It's somewhere in the United States desert. It's like this ex secluded, it's like these complete mountain walls. And so he takes them, he jumps them from where they are, and just drops ' em in the middle of this completely, like straight cliffs that can't climb them. This is a tiny little desert island. And he just keeps them alive for, for decades to

[01:05:55] Tim: punish them for what they did.

[01:05:58] Ben: they, they made a movie about this, didn't

[01:05:59] Tim: Yeah, it was a terrible movie. It, it, it was completely not anything like the movie at all.

[01:06:03] Tim: It was

[01:06:03] Tim: the guy who played, uh, the older Anakin Skywalker. Um, yeah, it was awful movie. And, and I think, um, Lal Jackson was in it. The books are

[01:06:14] Ben: That sounds right.

[01:06:15] Tim: ton better, ton better than

[01:06:17] Tim: movies.

[01:06:17] Adam: Oh,

[01:06:18] Ben: oh, my whole body is shaking.

[01:06:20] Carol: I feel like I'm going to be sick.

[01:06:22] Tim: Uh oh. You can be sick. That's okay.

[01:06:24] Tim: That's good tv.

[01:06:28] Adam: the chat.

[01:06:28] Adam: Somebody just said, I'm not touching my eyes.

[01:06:30] Carol: I, I, Oh, I'm sorry, Tim. I don't think I can eat this.

[01:06:42] Ben: God

[01:06:42] Tim: We only got one more. You guys did fire. I mean,

[01:06:44] Adam: have you tasted the Tim yet? Tim

[01:06:49] Carol: No

[01:06:49] Tim: I've, No, I've not tasted any of these. I wanted to be surprised. So,

[01:06:53] Adam: Carol, did you taste

[01:06:54] Carol: like, No. And my chest physically hurts right now.

[01:06:58] Adam: Well, don't, don't hurt yourself.

[01:07:02] Carol: Oh,

[01:07:04] Tim: All right. Alright.

[01:07:06] Carol: Sean. Sean. Why?

[01:07:08] Tim: Yeah, well that was me. That was one of my spices.

[01:07:11] Carol: Yeah, but he started it.

[01:07:13] Tim: So, So, so Ben, you know, you only have yourself to blame for this episode, right?

[01:07:19] Ben: What is that?

[01:07:20] Tim: Because we did, we. Like, I think at the beginning of the year we were talking, I dunno if it was actually on the show or not. And you said,

[01:07:28] Tim: you know, you said, I, I thought we would talk a lot more about hot sauces on this show

[01:07:34] Ben: yeah. That's right.

[01:07:37] Tim: we, Adam first asked me, that's when I was like, was grow.

[01:07:40] Tim: I did some

[01:07:41] Tim: YouTube videos about growing hot sauces and making 'em, and my son and I are eating hot World Hollis paper. So you brought that up. I'm Hey, maybe you can do that for a hundredth episode,

[01:07:50] Carol: Why, Why Ben? Why'd you adjust that?

[01:07:53] Adam: I, I'm,

[01:07:57] Ben: my God.

[01:07:57] Adam: I,

[01:07:57] Adam: Its, it's not true, but it sounds like, Tim, that you're just over there snacking on like raw ghost peppers.

[01:08:03] Tim: no, it's, it's, it's, it's it's celery.

[01:08:08] Carol: Oh, our

[01:08:08] Carol: celery is making it more spicy.

[01:08:12] Tim: mine's, mine's pain has passed.

[01:08:15] Adam: I've still got a little bit,

[01:08:15] Adam: but it's starting to go.

[01:08:17] Tim: Yep. My nose burns a little bit, but the, the, was it the sep. Burns a little bit.

[01:08:25] Ben: Oh my, my right hand is going numb. I don't know why

[01:08:28] Carol: my, both of mine are tingly.

[01:08:32] Carol: Oh gosh.

[01:08:34] Carol: Yeah. Both of mine are tingly.

[01:08:36] Carol: I

[01:08:36] Carol: thought it was from beer.

[01:08:38] Tim: you, always hurt the ones you love. I'm so sorry, guys.

[01:08:41] Carol: Oh,

[01:08:42] Adam: I'm really proud of myself for hanging in like this.

[01:08:44] Tim: Yeah.

[01:08:45] Carol: I

[01:08:45] Carol: am,

[01:08:46] Tim: I mean, you're handling Adam. I think tomorrow's gonna be the problem for you, bud.

[01:08:49] Carol: I'm tapped out.

[01:08:50] Tim: You're tapped out

[01:08:51] Carol: I'm tapped out. I'm sorry,

[01:08:53] Carol: guys.

[01:08:53] Adam: You don't have to.

[01:08:56] Tim: that, that's good, because honestly, I don't think the Tim sauce is gonna be hotter than this one.

[01:09:00] Carol: really

[01:09:01] Carol: Whoa. Okay.

[01:09:03] Tim: I mean,

[01:09:04] Carol: Somebody taste it and tell me if it's not. I'll eat it.

[01:09:06] Tim: all right.

[01:09:06] Carol: Oh,

[01:09:08] Adam: All right. Are we ready to move on, Tim?

[01:09:10] Tim: let's

[01:09:10] Ben: Um,

[01:09:11] Tim: All

[01:09:11] Sauce 7: Tim

[01:09:11] Tim: right, last one. Here's, here's the Tim Sauce. This is, uh, called

[01:09:14] Tim: Reaper Squeezes.

[01:09:15] Adam: too.

[01:09:16] Carol: oh. I'll smell it. you eating it? Ben

[01:09:20] Ben: I don't think I can do it.

[01:09:22] Carol: Oh, I, I can't. No. I just smelled it. I'm not doing it. It made my stomach turn. No, My body said don't eat that.

[01:09:29] Adam: Oh my God. If you are only listening to this episode, you have to go watch the video.

[01:09:34] Carol: No. you're disgusting. I can't do,

[01:09:41] Adam: What did you do, Tim? What did you do, Tim?

[01:09:45] Tim: I didn't do she,

[01:09:47] Adam: the the sauce.

[01:09:47] Tim: sauce.

[01:09:48] Adam: Gotcha.

[01:09:48] Carol: Yeah, I

[01:09:49] Carol: Smelted.

[01:09:50] Tim: All right, you guys ready?

[01:09:52] Adam: I'm ready.

[01:09:53] Tim: right, Adam, let's go.

[01:09:55] Carol: Hi. Hi. Five boys.

[01:09:56] Tim: the last one. Ooh, this does fell strong.

[01:09:59] Carol: Ooh Oh, poor Ben.

[01:10:06] Adam: redeeming

[01:10:06] Carol: I just wanna hug you.

[01:10:08] Tim: Now this is, It tastes better than the last one. The flavor's good.

[01:10:12] Carol: Is it hot Adam?

[01:10:14] Tim: bomb was awful tasting

[01:10:15] Carol: It did not

[01:10:16] Carol: like who would eat that for fun?

[01:10:18] Adam: it's not as bad as

[01:10:19] Carol: It tasted like dirt.

[01:10:20] Tim: No, this one's definitely not as bad as the bomb,

[01:10:26] Adam: It's for me, it's more

[01:10:27] Carol: Wait, what's the What's the hottest? Sean? Which is, Sean said in

[01:10:30] Tim: so, So this one,

[01:10:31] Carol: the hottest on market right now. What is that?

[01:10:34] Tim: well, and Mar and market? No, the bomb actually

[01:10:37] Tim: is only 60,000 scoville units, but, um, I think that Pepper X is a, is a new pepper that's been out that's supposed to be the hottest. It hasn't been officially, but Carolina Reaper, which this is called Reaper squeezes,

[01:10:53] Tim: is supposed to be the hottest, but honestly this is not as bad as the last one. I think the reason is so, because the last one was a, um, capsaicin extract, so it's pure, a hundred percent capsaicin that they put into this a sauce.

[01:11:07] Carol: Mm-hmm.

[01:11:08] Tim: It's kind of like being stabbed with the knife. It's very painful versus like, to just kind of a, a bludgeoning.

[01:11:14] Tim: This one, this one, actually is

[01:11:17] Adam: This one's just a punch to the face.

[01:11:19] Tim: This

[01:11:19] Tim: one's just, Yeah.

[01:11:20] Tim: just it's kind of a, a dull swelling

[01:11:22] Tim: to the face.

[01:11:23] Tim: But the, Yeah, that one's not bad. Reaper squeezing is not hot at all,

[01:11:26] Tim: but technically, according,

[01:11:28] Adam: just like the

[01:11:29] Adam: where my throat opening is.

[01:11:31] Carol: Well,

[01:11:31] Tim: yeah, this one is, uh, 1.6 million scoville units,

[01:11:36] Adam: Oh my

[01:11:37] Carol: 1.6. What was the de bomb? What was the

[01:11:40] Tim: 600,000. But I'm,

[01:11:42] Ben: Oh.

[01:11:43] Carol: Oh,

[01:11:44] Adam: Now you tell me.

[01:11:45] Carol: I'm glad to hate it.

[01:11:46] Carol: No, thank you.

[01:11:47] Tim: But like I said, I think it's because it's a pure

[01:11:50] Ben: Oh.

[01:11:52] Adam: I'm sorry to feel like Ben sounds.

[01:11:54] Carol: My lips feel like I have injections. Like they feel swollen

[01:12:00] Tim: Yeah.

[01:12:00] Carol: Ooh,

[01:12:02] Ben: See I did, I did chicken nuggets and I think that was the way to go. Cause you could just get it all in there.

[01:12:07] Carol: Uh, it stuck to my

[01:12:11] What Is Your Favorite Word In Another Language?

[01:12:11] Tim: so let me ask everyone, for everyone, here's a question. What is your favorite word in another

[01:12:18] Tim: language?

[01:12:19] Carol: lipsy.

[01:12:21] Tim: In another

[01:12:23] Carol: That's ch That's, uh, Think that's, Bye.

[01:12:27] Tim: What, so

[01:12:27] Carol: It's German.

[01:12:28] Carol: German.

[01:12:29] Ben: Oh yeah, Drews,

[01:12:30] Carol: Choose. Choose the,

[01:12:31] Carol: Choose.

[01:12:32] Carol: Choose. Bye.

[01:12:34] Ben:

[01:12:34] Ben: I

[01:12:34] Ben: dated a, I dated a juror, my girl, very briefly,

[01:12:37] Carol: Yeah.

[01:12:38] Ben: and she said, Choose, And she said, he gets begets s dear. And I don't even remember what that means. I think that just means, how's it going?

[01:12:46] Adam:

[01:12:46] Adam: Come pie

[01:12:48] Tim: come by? Yeah. Japanese

[01:12:51] Adam: for Cheers.

[01:12:54] Carol: Cheers.

[01:12:54] Tim: mine's Japanese too. I like. Um, so basically it's, it's like, excuse me, it's not saying sorry.

[01:13:02] Tim: It's like kind of, excuse me, my bad. Uh, didn't mean to bump into you and or talk on the train. So how about your favorite word in English?

[01:13:14] Ben: Oh

[01:13:15] Carol: No, I'm just kidding.

[01:13:16] Tim: Naive

[01:13:17] Ben: yeah, yeah,

[01:13:18] Carol: they didn't, You guys didn't hear it last week?

[01:13:20] Adam: no. It was in

[01:13:21] Carol: Let's just say, was it in the bloopers? Cuz I

[01:13:24] Carol: listened to the episode on my way home today and I didn't make it to the bloopers. Okay, you

[01:13:27] Carol: guys heard it then? I totally had a meltdown trying to say naivete and gave up and made Tim say it because I can't read Ben's fancy words. Some of us don't

[01:13:37] Carol: English well. Okay. Y'all.

[01:13:40] Carol: We Southern?

[01:13:41] Tim: my favorite word is we,

[01:13:44] Carol: we, Oh, that's the skin on your elbow

[01:13:46] Carol: right

[01:13:46] Carol: here.

[01:13:47] Tim: Yay.

[01:13:48] Ben: that's a real

[01:13:48] Carol: that's a real

[01:13:49] Tim: that that little slap of skin on your elbow.

[01:13:52] Carol: Maya. I, So I only know this word because I raise boys and they used to walk up to each other in the kitchen and they would grab each other's elbow and go, Ooh, I'm touching your, We

[01:14:03] Adam: such a boy thing

[01:14:06] Adam: to do.

[01:14:07] Tim: Yeah.

[01:14:08] Carol: like, Y'all

[01:14:08] Tim: easily entertained.

[01:14:10] Tim: about you Ben? Favorite English word jury. Say one.

[01:14:14] Ben: I I love, uh,

[01:14:15] Carol: Uh,

[01:14:16] Ben: love the word juxtaposition. It was an s a t word, and when we learned it in a, in 11th grade English, I was like, this is the stupidest word who would use such ridiculous language. And, uh, I've, I've since grown to love it, , and I use it all the time.

[01:14:32] Tim: Uh, Adam, did you have a word

[01:14:38] Adam: Yeah, my word because of this current moment that we're in is,

[01:14:47] Tim: Uh,

[01:14:48] Carol: Ass wipes

[01:14:50] Tim: You need the, you might need those tomorrow.

[01:14:52] Adam: Ugh. I got, I

[01:14:54] Carol: remind me.

[01:14:56] Carol: Yeah,

[01:14:57] Ben: Oh, it's finally settling down.

[01:14:59] Carol: yeah. Mine's getting easier. Every now and then I'll cough for something and I get this burn

[01:15:04] Carol: deep in my throat and I'm like, Oh, it's still there. Isn't this it?

[01:15:07] Adam: I think overall de bomb was worse.

[01:15:11] Ben: Yes.

[01:15:11] Adam: to use as few words as possible because speaking makes it worse.

[01:15:14] Carol: Whew.

[01:15:16] Adam: But this one, this one, I don't know if I just got a chunk of it caught in my throat or it coated in my throat or something, but like every time I coughed it, just brought it all right back up. Oh,

[01:15:27] Ben: Oh,

[01:15:28] Tim: Hey guys. You, you, You did good.

[01:15:31] Tim: You did good.

[01:15:32] Carol: you.

[01:15:33] Tim: Did good. Congratulations. We actually didn't miss anything on the last one. The last one was, was, was a cake walk after the mom,

[01:15:40] Carol: Oh, I'm just

[01:15:40] Carol: gonna

[01:15:41] Ben: oh, Jesus.

[01:15:44] Carol: Hmm.

[01:15:45] Adam: I think all but like

[01:15:45] Adam: the last three

[01:15:47] Adam: or maybe four. I'm gonna like the last three or four. I'm gonna throw away , but the, Or I'll get my neighbor to eat them. That's what I'll do

[01:15:54] Carol: I'm gonna give one to my son who loves hot sauce, unless my husband wants to try them.

[01:16:00] Ben: Oh, I've had a, I've had two life changing food related moments in my life. Uh, so

[01:16:06] Adam: I'm gonna cook

[01:16:07] Adam: for you

[01:16:07] Ben: a big food

[01:16:08] Adam: on somebody's head.

[01:16:10] Ben: because I'm not a big food person, it never occurred to me that you could ask for food to be made a certain way. Like I thought, like food was just, it came how it came. And, uh, uh, I was, I was in my early twenties when someone told me I could order a burrito without beans. And, uh, that

[01:16:29] Ben: was a life changing moment and I've been making up for it ever since.

[01:16:33] Ben: Eating burritos often as possible, but related to

[01:16:36] Ben: the show, they're disgusting. Uh, they taste like, they taste like I'm chewing on a rubber band. Um, The other thing was, I, I would go to diners and I would, uh, always ask for chicken wings and say what, you know, whatever the mildest sauce I can get. Cause I don't like heat. And, uh, and, and like, only like five years ago and I'm 42, something like that. So, you know, in my mid thirties I was ordering at a diner and the waitress was like, you know, I can just bring you plain chicken wings if you want. And I was like, What You can just order plain chicken wings. Oh, that was life-changing.

[01:17:20] Ben: That's

[01:17:21] Tim: And this wasn't life changing

[01:17:24] Ben: I'm not gonna remember any of this.

[01:17:27] Tim: thing we have video evidence.

[01:17:28] Adam: Ben has already blacked out.

[01:17:30] Ben: Um,

[01:17:31] Carol: Oh,

[01:17:32] Tim: All

[01:17:33] Ben: uh

[01:17:33] Adam: All right, so, uh, we're getting ready to go record our after show, um, which is just for those who aren't in the know is gonna be tonight, it's gonna be 20 minutes of four adults crying and cursing

[01:17:43] Adam: Um, no, we're gonna get into a couple of things. Uh, last week, I think it was Ben told me about a podcast called Escape Philosophy. I wanna talk a little bit about that

[01:17:55] Adam: and got a couple of other things to go through here. So let's, let's, uh, round it off here.

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[01:18:36] Adam: homework this week, leave us a review.

[01:18:38] Adam: I think that that's, that's the biggest thing right now. Um, it'll help other people know that the show is good and we're worth listening to. It'll help us grow and growth helps everything else in turn. So help us grow. Leave a review. You can go to workingcode.dev/review. and, uh, and it'll get you to the correct place to, uh, rate, uh, like Apple, Apple Podcast in your market.

[01:19:02] Adam: Now, on that note, I tried out Apple Podcast. I I recently switched to iPhone. I tried out Apple Podcast, and, and I know there's a lot of people that listen to that. And you, uh, a, you're a saint for, for suffering through that app to listen to podcasts. And B, what's wrong with you?

[01:19:18] Adam: That app sucks.

[01:19:19] Tim: pretty awful. Mm-hmm.

[01:19:21] Adam: better.

[01:19:22] Adam: cast is better

[01:19:24] Ben: I use a overcast and I'm really enjoying overcast

[01:19:27] Carol: What's wrong with the apple? Like

[01:19:29] Carol: podcasting?

[01:19:30] Adam: it makes absolutely no sense. The app, just like,

[01:19:34] Carol: mean, I just play our podcast.

[01:19:37] Carol: You

[01:19:37] Carol: hit play.

[01:19:38] Adam: Alright, we'll get into it. We'll get into it. we would love to have your topics in questions. You can send them to us at WorkingCodePod@gmail.com. Voice memos preferred.

[01:19:46] Adam: But uh, we'll take written questions as well. of course, join our Discord workingcode.dev/discord. you there open to the public. Uh, that's it for this week. We'll get you next week. And until then,

[01:19:58] Tim: Hey, remember your heart matters particularly. Host who suffered through this heat. It was, it was, it was a painful idea, but you held it out. And also to Sean Oden, who

[01:20:09] Tim: sent us some

[01:20:10] Tim: awesome

[01:20:10] Ben: heart does not

[01:20:11] Ben: matter.

[01:20:13] Tim: No, he, it does it

[01:20:16] Tim: Sean Sean is an evil genius. He sets you guys up so perfectly. He gave us like super easy. And you're like, you got comfortable. You guys got in the space. You're like, Yeah, I can handle this. And then he totally brought the hammer down. Yeah. And then, and then I just basically just coed all of you.

[01:20:33] Tim: Except, except Adam. Congratulations with the, uh, with, with the bomb.

[01:20:37] Adam: Yeah, I'll, I'll

[01:20:38] Adam: let

[01:20:38] Tim: So,

[01:20:38] Ben: I was, I was busy dying. Did Tim even have a reaction to the bomb? I did not. My,

[01:20:44] Tim: no, I eat it on the regular, so It doesn't bother me

[01:20:49] Tim: It

[01:20:49] Adam: I was, I wasn't looking, I was too concerned with

[01:20:51] Tim: Yeah, You can watch on the replay. I mean, I got a little, I got a little drippy and I accidentally touched my eye,

[01:20:57] Tim: but yeah, I'm.

[01:20:58] Ben: Oh, man.

[01:20:59] Adam: All right.

[01:21:01] Ben: Pause. Thank you

[01:21:03] Adam: Good night everybody.

[01:21:04] Ben: Thank you. Sean.

[01:21:05] Tim: Good night,

[01:21:05] Carol: night, guys.

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