064: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


Gone is the era of the life-long employee. It's hard to even imagine rising up through the ranks, grinding out the decades, and then retiring - with a penchant - all at a single company. Companies don't see their people that way anymore - a perspective that is, no doubt, shared in both directions. But, if you're not going to plant your flag and hunker down for the long-haul, how long should you stay at your job?

This week on the show, the crew talks about the pros-and-cons of various employment tenures. Sure, you might get paid more by moving to a new job. But, is money everything? What about the relationships you build and the opportunity you have to really go deep on a given set of technologies?

Of course, staying in one place too long may lead to stagnation in your skills and your ambition. If you say at one place for a decade, is that a decade of growth? Or, is that the same menial tasks executed year after year ad nauseam?

There's no correct path. And, there's no reason that your personal journey has to be uniform. Sometimes, as Adam points out, it can be quite beneficial to have a few shorter jobs before settling in for a longer stint. Just about the only thing we all agree on is that you shouldn't hop from job to job to job. At some point, you have to demonstrate some grit.

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