057: Goals for 2022

New Year's Resolutions may be considered a bit cliche by some; and even a bit silly by others; but, there's always value in any opportunity to pause and take stock of your own situation. On this week's show, we share both our tech and our non-tech goals for the new year. As it happens, we all want to be in better shape - shocking, I know. But, when it comes to technology - and tech-adjacent interests - we all have different areas in which we wish to increase our proficiency: build systems, continuous integration, photo editing, TypeScript, mentoring, and product management, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, Tim couldn't be with us on this episode because he and his whole family came down with the Flu! But - spoiler alert - by the time this episode is published, he'll already be back to his wonderful, normal self. And, we sure can't wait to get the band back together!

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