049: Revisiting Replatforming

One of our fans on Patreon is about to embark on a large "replatforming" endeavor. His team has decided to move away from their "traditionally coded" application (think hard to maintain, big ball of mud); and, will soon rebuild the server-side aspect of their application using a new language. The team isn't yet sure what language they'll use (this is how the topic came up in Discord); but, they know that they want a statically typed language with a strong separation of concerns in the MVC (Model, View, Controller) layers.

In episode 25, we talked about breaking up with your tech-stack. But, this discussion of replatforming has rekindled our interest in the topic. On today's show, we talk about the choices that we'd personally make if we had to rebuild our application using a new language. Based on historical trends, it feels like a gamble no matter what you do. As such, we also talk about how we might go about validating some of our choices.

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