039: Ben's Future at InVision

For last 8-years, Ben Nadel has poured his heart and soul into InVision, a product that drives design collaboration. During this period, his area of expertise has focused on the (now named) "legacy" platform - the ColdFusion and AngularJS monolith that has built the business into what it is today. Soon, however, the "legacy" platform will be wholly subsumed by the "modern" platform - a distributed, microservices architecture built on Go, Node.js, and React.

In today's episode, Ben opens up about the emotional struggle that he's facing as his role on the legacy platform comes to a end. He wonders what it's going to be like to start over; to go from a big fish in a CFML pond to a novice in a Go ocean; and, to find a way to not feel like a complete failure when his productivity drops significantly.

One of the scariest things for Ben is that he's not sure if he'll be able to trust his gut. While the fundamentals of programming will certainly transfer from the legacy platform over to the modern platform, it's hard to know if future "feelings" will be true indicators of potential problems. Or, if it's just a byproduct of his lack of familiarity with the new architecture and language constructs.

Only time will tell. And, until then, he intends to grind hard and deliver as much value as he possibly can on the legacy platform while he still has time and the skills necessary to get the job done.

ASIDE: While not mentioned by name in the show, Travis Heinström - the SVP of Engineering at InVision - is the person who wanted to make sure that Ben has all the room he needs to "feel his feelings" when the legacy platform is shut down. This is perhaps one of the most emotionally-intelligent things that Ben has ever heard a manager ask about.

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