032: What Comes After Senior Developer?

The world of web development is still a nascent industry. According to Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin, the number of programmers roughly doubles every 5-years. Which means that most of the developers that you interact with are relatively new and relatively young. It's not often that you look around and see developers in their 40s, 50s, and beyond; because, frankly, the web - as we know it - isn't even that old.

Because of the ongoing evolution of our field, it can be unclear as to what a web developer's professional journey can or should look like. A lot of engineers seem to end up in management; but, for those of us that want to continue coding, what comes after Senior Developer? And, is climbing that technical ladder even something that you want to do?

This week, the crew talks about the career path of web developers; how some positions allow you to be a "force multiplier" and have a bigger impact; and, how dopamine affects your sense of work satisfaction.

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