030: Carol's Consult Catch-Up Conversation

Ten weeks ago, in Episode 20, Carol described a problem at work in which her customers were using Support Tickets as a means to look-up information in lieu of logging into the customer dashboard. This email-based workflow has been putting a large burden on the Support staff. And, Carol wanted to brainstorm on ways in which she could improve the overall situation and the efficiency of her team. Today, we circle back with Carol to see how it's going. Which is to say, to see just how hard Carol is crushing it!

It's amazing to see how much Carol has accomplished in just a few months. Topics include natural language processing, AWS SAM, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS SNS, AWS EventBridge, AWS CloudWatcher, AWS Parameter Store, Sumo Logic, and much more! It's kind of mind-boggling to see it all coming together so quickly.

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