000: Hello, World!

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[00:00:00] Ben: Well, I'll start recording now, just in case, just in case some magic happens,

[00:00:04] Adam: you know, you already missed the magic shirt off.

[00:00:11] Tim: She can say that we can't.

[00:00:14] Adam: So what's our plan here? I'd say let's just do it. Let's insert some cheesy phone ringing sound right here.

[00:00:28] Tim: Hey, this is Tim.

[00:00:30] Adam: Hey, Tim, it's Adam. Hey, how you been? So I got a question for you. Yeah, shoot. Uh, you want to do a podcast with me? What? Yeah. About what? Well, I was thinking maybe just kind of like, uh, shoot the (quack), uh, you know, uh, hallway track at a conference, water cooler, hanging out at the bar, just talking about, uh, coding, but not about any particular code, if that makes sense.

[00:00:57] Adam: Okay, so

[00:00:58] Tim: we're not going to talk about, like, deep dive into technology, teach people how to do, you know, SQL or some sort of, you know, new coding, but just kind of like the culture of coding?

[00:01:07] Adam: Right. Yeah, culture. That's a good way to put it. So like, let's say your career in software is like the setting, but it's not the plot, if that makes sense.

[00:01:16] Adam: Ah, I like

[00:01:18] Tim: that. Well, it's just gonna be you and me. I think we need some more folks.

[00:01:22] Adam: I agree. Who else should we pull into this?

[00:01:24] Tim: Hey, maybe we should

[00:01:25] Adam: give Ben a call. Okay. Yeah, let's call him. Ring, ring, ring. Hello, this is Ben. Hey Ben, it's Adam. Hey,

[00:01:33] Tim: Adam, Tim, how

[00:01:35] Ben: you guys doing? Doing good, man. What's going on?

[00:01:39] Adam: We are apparently starting a podcast. And we wanted to know if you wanted to join us.

[00:01:45] Ben: Ooh, very intriguing. I'm down to clown, what's it about?

[00:01:50] Adam: Well, it's about software, but it's not about software.

[00:01:54] Ben: I get it, but I don't get it. What does that

[00:01:56] mean?

[00:01:58] Adam: I asked the same thing, man. Yeah, so, um, instead of, like, doing a deep dive on technology and, like, teaching people a topic or, um, just discussing the new features, the, the idea is more just like, uh, the water cooler at the office or the hallway track at a conference.

[00:02:16] Adam: Like, those casual conversations that you would have. Just the thing, the types of things that... Personally, I get excited about, like, the whole reason that I go to conferences is, yeah, I mean, I learn a few things, but I enjoy my time there because of the hallway track. 100%.

[00:02:31] Ben: Oh, I love it. I love the idea. I'm down.

[00:02:33] Ben: Let's do it. Okay. It's just the

[00:02:35] Adam: three of us? Um, well, I don't know. I think there's room for one more. You have anybody in mind? I think, uh,

[00:02:41] Ben: let's tap Carol, see what

[00:02:43] Adam: she's got going on. Yeah, that's a great idea. Don't you tap Carol.

[00:02:53] Adam: Sorry. How red can we make Ben? We're on our way.

[00:03:00] Adam: Should I try that again?

[00:03:09] Ben: How about we try Carol? Let's

[00:03:10] Adam: see what she's got going on. Yeah, that's a great idea. Yeah, yeah. Okay, let me call her in. Ring, ring, ring. Hello? Hey, Carol. It's Adam. Hey, Adam. What's going on? Not a whole lot. You're Tessa, Ben. Yeah.

[00:03:23] Carol: Whoa, that was a lot of people all at once. Who's on the call?

[00:03:27] Adam: Well, you know, it's me, Adam.

[00:03:28] Adam: And Tim. And Ben.

[00:03:31] Carol: Hey guys, what's going on?

[00:03:34] Adam: We are starting a podcast. We want you to join our gang. What?

[00:03:38] Carol: A podcast about what? So,

[00:03:40] Tim: Carol, you know how you go to a conference and it's like really, really technical and you're so jazzed to learn all the new stuff. But what's the one thing you enjoy most about the whole experience?

[00:03:49] Tim: The bar. The bar, right? And talking about

[00:03:52] Carol: what at the bar? Technology, about life, about problems, about anything going on. That's

[00:03:58] Tim: it. That's the idea of the podcast right

[00:03:59] Carol: there. That sounds awesome. That sounds like a really good idea. Have you thought of any names yet?

[00:04:07] Adam: I'm not sure. So I, personally, I like puns.

[00:04:10] Adam: Okay. So I, you know, something, something about code or coding. Code commode?

[00:04:17] Carol: Code commode? Man, that makes it sound like we're, like, taking a dump on what we do.

[00:04:27] Tim: Lifting code with Ben Nadell?

[00:04:30] Carol: Yes! We can do it that

[00:04:31] Adam: way, guys! Let's scrap the whole thing and let's go with that. Yes! So, what about... Working code. That makes sense. It reminds me of when my code is functioning, but also the whole podcast is about like having a career and enjoying that career in software development.

[00:04:53] Adam: Working on code.

[00:04:54] Carol: Working with code. Or the days you don't like it. The days it's not working.

[00:05:01] Adam: Right. So yeah, I think, I like it. I think, uh, working code, that sounds good. Let's do it. So the four

[00:05:07] Carol: of us. Okay, cool. Starting a podcast. The four of us. Yeah. What's

[00:05:11] Adam: the pay? I had twice what I was paying you last week.

[00:05:17] Carol: Oh, that's still nothing. I had to do the math

[00:05:20] Adam: in my head. Yeah, that's okay. Okay. And, and, uh, it doubles again every week.

[00:05:29] Carol: 52 weeks, zero, wait, that's still zero.

[00:05:34] Adam: You're good at math. So they

[00:05:36] Carol: pay me for.

[00:05:41] Ben: All right. I don't always laugh this much. I laugh about 90% of this most of the time.

[00:05:49] Adam: It's okay. Every podcast needs a guy that can't stop laughing. Yeah,

[00:05:52] Tim: it makes you smile. You can't hear a person laugh like that and not laugh.

[00:05:55] Carol: So I have a request. If we're gonna do a podcast, can I get a header on Ben's page?

[00:06:01] Carol: Since we can't take selfies together, when we do this, can we take a selfie, like, virtually? There you go. Yeah, we must be able to figure that out. Must be able to do it. I,

[00:06:10] Adam: I

[00:06:11] Tim: think with all the brain power in this call, we can probably come together on considering how

[00:06:16] Carol: to... Ben, it's all on

[00:06:17] Adam: you. Yeah.

[00:06:18] Ben: I got this.

[00:06:19] Ben: I took an affinity, uh, photo course on Udemy, so I'm basically a professional now.

[00:06:26] Adam: Okay, cool. So we have a name. It's going to be called Working Code. I think we're aiming for like weekly ish releases. So I think all that's left to do is to tell people to subscribe, right? Yeah. Cool. Come find us. So, it's going to be in all the places.

[00:06:40] Adam: If I understand how this works correctly, we'll, we'll be in Spotify and Apple Podcasts and Stitcher and, and I don't even know all these other places, but apparently it's possible. So we'll be in those places. So subscribe and tell your friends and we'll see you in a week. That's right.

[00:06:57] Tim: And in case you didn't know, statistically in 2030, there will be over 15 billion podcasts available.

[00:07:04] Adam: Holy cow. Where is that information coming from? Uh, I just made it up. You

[00:07:11] Carol: had me going, sir. We'll be rank number one. Every

[00:07:14] Tim: person on the earth will have at least five podcasts.

[00:07:21] Ben: All right, this is making me very nervous.

[00:07:24] Carol: Yeah, I'm sweating. I don't know why.

[00:07:26] Adam: Well, it could be the coat and the blankets and stuff. And the fever. You need more cowbell.

[00:07:34] Carol: Let's say cowbell.

[00:07:36] Adam: She doesn't know how to use the three C's y'alls. What are you

[00:07:39] Carol: talking about?

[00:07:43] Tim: Guys, guys. I got a fever.

[00:07:48] Adam: The cowbell thing is from an old SNL skit. The three seashells is from the movie Demolition Man. And I don't blame you if you've never seen either. I feel so

[00:07:55] Carol: lost. Oh,

[00:07:57] Adam: it's

[00:07:57] Tim: classic. Christopher Walkie, you'll have to Google that later.

[00:08:01] Adam: More cowbell. I'll send you some

[00:08:02] Carol: links. Okay, cool.

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